Andorran and Spanish Ski Federations Hold General Assemblies

May Peus España will continue as president of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation (RFEDI) after being re-elected by the General Assembly held on 30th June. Espana received 29 votes against Juan Ramón Blanco, who recevied eight.

May Peus España has held the role since September 2014 and will continue through the next term which lasts from 2018-2022.

The re-elected president thanked the Assembly for the recognition and majority support and said that "this federation has a clear sports project underway embodied in our strategic plan that has already seen medals earned at the last Olympic Games, World Championships and a Crystal Globe in the FIS World Cup.”

The new president, 46 years old, is Aranese, born in Baqueira Beret and graduated in ADE. He was an alpine ski racer and became a member of the RFEDI national team of this discipline in the 90s; He later qualified as a national coach. He worked for 19 years in the CAEI club of Valle de Arán, where he was coach, technical director and manager. He was also the children's coordinator of the RFEDI with the first term of Eduardo Roldán and worked for 8 years in New Zealand as a coach.

He presented himself for the re-election as president of the RFEDI with an electoral program based on the Strategic Plan that his team started up in 2016.

During the 4 years of the presidency of May Peus Spain (2014-2018), there has been a spectacular change in the sporting field. It has gone from 9 athletes in sports structures to the current 29 and has tripled the days of days in snow thanks to innovative initiatives such as the Spain House in Saas Fee (Switzerland) that in summer allows training and testing.

At the level of successes in the sporting field, the outstanding performance of the RFEDI athletes in the PyeongChang18 Olympic Games was the Olympic bronze of Regino Hernández snowboardcross (SBX), ending with 26 years without a medal in winter games, and the 7th place finsh of Queralt Castellet in snowboard halfpipe. Lucas Eguibar won the Crystal Globe by winning the SBX World Cup circuit in 2015.

In addition, the three athletes mentioned have also been medalists in the World championships of snowboarding: Castellet in Kreischberg 2015 with silver in halfpipe (ended with the drought of 41 years without medals in winter world championships) and in 2017 in Sierra Nevada Lucas Eguibar got double medal in individual SBX. Remarkable results have also been achieved in non-Olympic disciplines such as mushing with world and European champions. Beyond the podiums, to certify the improvement of the rankings of many of the Alpine athletes (7 skiers are in the world top 50 of their age) and three of them are in the top 100 of the FIS ranking of SL (Núria Pau, Juan del Campo and Quim Salarich).

In terms of economic management, it has been historic: in these four years, great sponsorships have been achieved (Movistar, AC-Hotels and Audi). They  have worked with a well-defined script and the Strategic Plan for Snow Sports presented in 2016 and applied since then with sporting, economic and institutional successes.

In four years, the federation has reduced its debt by 63%, much more than half, from € 951,000 in 2014 to € 352,000 in 2018. And net worth has turned positive, growing € 939,000 in the period, from -626,000 € in 2014 has gone to + 313,000 € today. This has been possible thanks to the generation of own resources, fundamentally sponsorships, which in 2017 stood at € 1,416,000, doubling € 678,000 in 2014. Figures reflect a lot of good work governed by rationality, austerity and productivity.

After the election of the president, the Assembly proceeded to the election of the Commission which is made up of presidents of regional federations, clubs, athletes, coaches and technical delegates and judges.

The Andorran Ski Federation also staged its General Assembly on 27th June where a new Steering Committee was elected for the period 2018/2022. Mr. Josep Pintat Mas was named the new President and Patrick Toussaint Mas was elected the Vice President.

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