A Month Of Grace And Gratitude - Antelope Butte Foundation

John Kirlin the Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area Executive Director has written to supporters on the Covid crisis. He says:

Dear friends,

The past month at Antelope Butte has felt both unbelievably quick yet incredibly slow, at times. As many of you may understand, it can be challenging to live in a world with so much uncertainty. It is uncertain when it will be safe to gather in large groups. It is uncertain when businesses will be able to open back up and operate at full capacity. It is uncertain when the economy will begin to recover and fully recover. It is uncertain what the upcoming months look like in Wyoming and the rest of the world.

With so much uncertainty, we believe the best thing to do is support your community in any way you can and remember to practice grace and gratitude everyday. Despite everything going on in the world, we have so much to be grateful for!

At Antelope Butte, we are grateful for a healthy and committed staff and board with no lack of work to be done. In the foundation office, we have been busy using the past month to plan ahead- designing programs for next year, applying to grants, and taking the time to build relationships. On the mountain, staff have been busy taking down fencing and signs and providing tedious maintenance to each lift. As an organization, we are doing our best to plan for the upcoming months and year.

At Antelope Butte, we are grateful for loving and supportive community members and partnering organizations that help us bring our mission statement to life. We wouldn't be what we are today without your support. We are grateful for the community relationships we have and the relationships we hope to build.

At Antelope Butte, we are grateful for the beautiful natural environment we live in. The endless wide-open spaces and the stunning Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming are priceless and can’t be taken for granted. Especially on these gorgeous sunny days we've been having!

Last, but not least- we are grateful for YOU! Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and thank you for your support! It is truly a gift to have so many individuals that want the best for Antelope Butte.

During this time of global crisis, please remember to look out for one another and take the time to practice grace and gratitude. We look forward to a bright summer full of mountain recreation and we hope to see you soon!

John Kirlin, Executive Director
Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area

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