Ski Austria Symposium Held In Salzburg

The Austrian Ski Association invited participants to the second edition of the Ski Austria Symposium at the St. Virgil Education Center, which had the motto “New Work, (Self-)Leadership and Reclassifying Power.”

After the opening by ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober, around 200 employees, including numerous managers of the ÖSV and the state ski associations as well as interested parties from the federal sports academies and ski schools, listened to the exciting lectures.
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Dr. Matthias Strolz started with his keynote speech "We are pilots of life". In it, the impact entrepreneur, author and publicist spoke about an "open mindset as an attitude" in order to cope in an increasingly confusing world. For the former NEOS founder, a different kind of awareness, approach, mindset and new forms of collective leadership are therefore necessary in order to be prepared for the intensive change. Enriched with numerous quotes ("Irritation is the mother of innovation" or "The future is a space that I help create"), Strolz pointed out that decision-making bases must be reconsidered and leadership must be approached differently in order to continue to be the pilot and not the passenger of one's own life in the future.

This was followed by a lecture by Florian Gschwandtner on "The digital future". For the Runtastic founder, speaker and investor, discipline, courage and openness are the most important qualities that entrepreneurs and managers must have. The computer science graduate and self-made millionaire also brought along current technology trends. When it comes to artificial intelligence, which is developing rapidly in all areas, according to Gschwandtner, the question is no longer whether to say yes or no, but rather how to best use it. This is why leadership qualities are needed more than ever.

The successful conclusion to this event, which was well prepared by trainer and speaker Gert Ehn, was provided by management coach and sports psychologist Mag. Christiane Mitterwallner , who provided new ways of thinking with her keynote speech entitled “Power as a success factor for the future of elite sport”.

For ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober , the second edition of the Ski Austria Symposium was also a success across the board. "Our annual symposium is about the personal development of each and every individual, because our employees are our greatest asset alongside the athletes. The keen interest in this event with truly inspiring and stimulating lectures shows that the many training measures within the association are very well received."

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