SIGB Reports Great Response To Snow Test Survey

SIGB says a big thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic response to the recent  Snow Test survey, with the majority of attendees completing the survey and comments promptly.

The 2025 Test will return to La Clusaz on 27 – 31 January next year, with the Test committee and organisers, Hillside Outside, taking feedback from the survey results on board.

Alongside the Test committee, they’ll be looking at some of the following key points:
• Researching how the test results App can be Android OS compatible
• How to include boots and other products in the App for scoring
• Potential for increasing boot testing overall
• Assessing possibilities for improved security at the Test site (scanning kit in and out)
• Discussion on duration of Test and ensuring brands stay for the full Test period
• Looking at options for the future including the possibility of a new venue
• Assessing potential for increasing site space at La Clusaz
• Looking at ID sticker size and info
• Promoting availability of photo library/media assets (if you'd like access to the library of images from the 2024 Test just drop us an email!)

For anyone who has not already responded the survey is still open for responses

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