New Evo Bt Avalanche Transceiver Delivers Modern Performance And Intuitive Features

ARVA, the well-known French producer of avalanche safety equipment, is proud to announce the arrival of its next generation avalanche transceiver, the EVO BT, designed with effective modern features and a simple interface designed for all users

The perfect all-round transceiver, the EVO BT combines top-level performance with a user-friendly interface for maximum safety. Featuring a search bandwidth of 60 meters, multi-victim marking, EMI notification and other essential functions, the EVO BT strikes the perfect balance of everything you need, and nothing more.

A cornerstone feature of the EVO BT is the interference management software, which maximizes the device’s performance in search mode in an environment that is experiencing electromagnetic interference. This notification also lets the searcher know so they can strategically reduce their search strip width as reduced range is a symptom of electromagnetic interference for all transceivers.

The automatic return to transit function operates via a motion sensor and is activated when the transceiver has not moved in a set amount of time.

Other key features of the EVO BT include:

• 60 Meter search strip width

• Group check mode tests transmit frequency and power of other transceivers

• Multiple burial indicator displays individual icons and a “+” when 4 or more victims are present

• Real Marking function identifies individual victims already flagged or located

• 3 antennas improves precision during fine search

• Digital signal processing guides rescuer more efficiently towards burial zone

• Auto-test lets device run a diagnostic to verify that all main functions are working properly

• Backlit screen provides great contrast in any light conditions

• Bluetooth connectivity for software updates, customization, and 25-point diagnostic test

• MSRP = $389 USD

The transceiver is constructed of recycled plastic and comes with a recycled fabric holster. An ergonomically designed rotary selector makes it easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

What’s more, the EVO BT is also Bluetooth enabled with more options than any other transceiver on the market. This connectivity allows the EVO BT to be connected via the ARVA app to receive software updates, customize settings, and have confidence after years of use with a complete ‘at home’ diagnostic test unique to ARVA.

The new EVO BT avalanche transceiver will be available at specialty retailers worldwide beginning Fall 2024.

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