TechnoAlpin: TT10 Stars In Innovative Pinzolo Project

Why let the work drag out if two nights are all it takes for TechnoAlpin? That’s right: during the latest project in Pinzolo, the Tulot slope of the Trentino ski area was covered with snow in just two nights.

But let’s start at the beginning: in October 2022, TechnoAlpin completely replaced all the existing snow guns as part of a project as successful as it was challenging. At the end of the operation, there were 47 snow guns running and the Tulot slope was opened immediately. Professionals and enthusiasts alike can now enjoy slopes covered in top-quality snow. TT10, the model chosen to generate snow for 3.3 km of slopes, is actually the latest snow gun model from TechnoAlpin. As it can be configured to meet any need, the TT10 keeps costs down and guarantees ideal performances.

To begin with, the project entailed a retrofit of the existing system. Next, the 47 snow guns chosen to cover the area were transported by helicopter and put in position in just four hours. While trucks are usually used for transport, this method significantly reduced the time needed for installation. As well as the record speed, another impressive difference that distinguishes the Pinzolo project is the high quality of snow produced. In fact, the TT10 takes snowmaking to the highest level thanks to the nozzle valve technology, which allows optimum energy efficiency; to the air cooler, which offers an unrivaled snow output; and to the nucleators with dual ruby inserts, which guarantee the highest snow quality over the course of the years.

The TR10 fan gun has literally been taken to a new level with the TT10. It combines the guarantee of the best snow quality, optimum use of resources and maximum user-friendliness with unique technology and unprecedented simplicity. The new tiltable tower combines the advantages of a tower-mounted snow gun with the maintainability of a mobile fan gun.

Just like the TR10, the TT10 also stands out for the same superior features: The nozzle valve technology enables optimum energy efficiency alongside resource conservation. The air cooling system ensures unsurpassed snow output, especially at border temperatures, while the nucleators with double ruby inserts guarantee the best snow quality for years to come. The TT10 can be fully customized to limit the cost of unused features and ensure perfect performance under any condition.

TechnoAlpin has won a 2022 iF GOLD DESIGN AWARD with its TT10 fan gun. Only the 73 most outstanding submissions from almost 11,000 entries were honored with the highest Gold Award.

TT10 is the world's first snow gun to be mounted directly on a tilting tower. It convinced the 132-strong panel of judges of its innovative, overall concept and appealing design: "This snow gun features a tiltable tower that facilitates easy access for maintenance purposes to all components, including the nozzle valve, compressor and turbine motor. The distinctive, powerful shape and smooth transition between the various materials enhance functionality while the ingenious tilting mechanism makes the device easier and more ergonomic to use." (TechnoAlpin's supporting statement.)

The TT10 won the award in the Product discipline, Industry/Tools Category. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most prestigious international design awards. In winning this award, TechnoAlpin has once again proven its pioneering role on the snowmaking market, and one that is not limited merely to the technological aspects but also produces appealing designs.

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