TechnoAlpin: State-Of-The-Art Technology For Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the largest and most modern ski resort in Serbia, boasting 24 ski lifts and 55 kilometers of slopes. The region is known locally as “Mountain of Sun and Snow” since it enjoys 200 days of sunshine on average throughout the year and 160 days of snow fall. What’s more, the resort has been relying on TechnoAlpin for guaranteed snow coverage since 2008. The ski resort has steadily expanded in recent years with ongoing slope and ski lift installations. The latest project - the new feeder line in Brzece, including a downhill run - is a tremendous boost for the area, placing it well and truly on the map.
The snowmaking system was also expanded in 2021 and 2022 with the latest generation of TechnoAlpin snow guns. TechnoAlpin was commissioned to develop the new snowmaking system on a turnkey basis, including the construction work. 26 new TT10s, 44 new TL4 lances together with 3 mobile TR10s and10 TR8s on tower have been installed along the slopes, not to mention around 11 km of ductile cast iron pipes and PE lines with appropriate wiring.  In opting for the latest generation of snow guns, Kopaonik is once again staking its claim to be the most modern ski resort in Serbia, to the delight of the region's many visitors.

Kopaonik ski resort comprises of about 55km of runs for alpine skiing and12 km of runs for cross country (nordic) skiing. For those who enjoy skiing at night, we have prepared a lighted run “Malo Jezero” in the very centre of the resort. Apart from that, for the youngest skiers and all those who are taking their first ski steps, we have prepared a secured “ski kindergarten” area with a conveyor belt and a carousel which makes learning basic skiing skills easier.

The artificial snowing system covers 97% of the resort. This system covers the following runs: Karaman A and B, Pancicev Vrh, Duboka 1 and 2, Suncana Dolina, Malo Jezero, Krst, Krcmar, Knezevske Bare, Mali Karaman, Marine Vode, Karaman and the adjoining ski roads, as well as the run in Gobelja. The artificial snowing systems make the skiing season last longer, and the skiers, both the beginners and those more experienced ones, can be sure that they will be able to enjoy the season on excellently prepared runs.

All the runs are well connected with a system of chairlifts and ski lifts, with a capacity of over 32.000 skiers per hour. The system comprises of one six-seater chairlift, with the capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, 4 detachable high speed four-seaters ( with a total capacity of 10,000 skiers per hour), 3 fixed four-seater chairlifts with a loading conveyor belt (total capacity of about 6,200 skiers per hour, two T-bar ski lifts with a capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour and eight platter type ski lifts with a capacity of 6,500 skiers per hour, as well as three interconnecting ski lifts.

During the entire winter season, but also during the summer, apart from skiers and snowboarders, the four seater chair lift “Pancicev vrh” also takes the visitors to this ski resort who take a sightseeing tour of the mountain and take part in other numerous activities that the ski resort offers.

Apart from the runs for alpine and cross country (nordic) skiing, the ski resort Kopaonik also has a snowboard park, which hosts numerous domestic and international competitions.

Ski resort of Kopaonik 1.770 – 2.017 m (Pančić peak)

  • Altitude of the Ski Resort: 1770 m
  • The highest peak: 2017m (Pancic peak)
  • Total length of ski runs for Alpine and Nordic skiing: 62 km
  • Snowboard park featuring 450m slope
  • Blue runs (easy): 21
  • Red runs (medium): 9
  • Black runs (difficult): 6
  • Number of chairlifts and ski lifts: 24 with baby ski lift (11 chairlifts, 13 ski lifts)
  • Total capacity: 32.000 skiers/hour
  • Max. altitude difference: 512m
  • The longest ski run: 3,50 km
  • Number of ski runs in compliance with the FIS standards: 3
  • Night skiing run: Small lake – 450m
  • Free-ride run: Gobelja

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