DemacLenko Launches Snow4Ever 200 - Snow All Year Round

With Snow4Ever 200, DEMACLENKO, in cooperation with the 3CON company, presents an unprecedented solution for efficient and high-performance snowmaking at plus degrees.

Snow4Ever 200 is the answer to the demand for perfect snowmaking above freezing point. The new snow gun from DEMACLENKO guarantees incomparable snow quality 365 days a year. The revolution in DEMACLENKO technology is that inside the system, regardless of the external climatic conditions and with significantly reduced energy consumption, real technical snow and no flake ice can be produced. With a production volume of 200 m³ per day, Snow4Ever 200 is therefore the most powerful, temperature-independent snowmaker on the market, whose snow does not differ in quality and structure from the snow of conventional snowmaking systems.

Another differentiating feature: For the production of the high-quality snow neither salt nor other chemical additives have to be added, only water and air are needed. In addition, the snow density and thus the snow quality can be set individually depending on the requirements. For example, adventure parks and event organizers can produce dry powder snow, whereas ski resort operators can produce compact snow on the slopes. The snowmaker decides at the push of a button about the quality that he wants to produce.

The innovative and patented technology also results in another decisive advantage: thanks to a mechanical de-icing solution, the machine components do not ice up and can therefore be operated without interruption. This completely eliminates waiting times and time-consuming de-icing operations. Thanks to the modular container design, the product can also be easily transported and used flexibly where it is needed. No special prior knowledge or experience is required to operate the product. The control takes place via the DEMACLENKO software Snowvisual 4.0, the guarantee for maximum user-friendliness and the clear breakdown of all important operating processes and data.

The Snow4Ever 200 can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to use in ski areas or winter sports centers, the product is also ideal for winter sports events such as cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing or ski jumping. Especially with the latter, the DEMACLENKO technology has proven itself, because flake ice is not suitable for the steep landing hills due to the lack of adhesion and would slide away. In addition, Snow4Ever is ideally used for snowmaking on glaciers as well as in indoor snowmaking and much more

The innovation was developed in cooperation with the company 3CON, international technology leader in the manufacture of high-end interior production systems for the automotive industry and its suppliers. With Snow4Ever 200, the company ventured into new territory, but was able to fall back on the in-house know-how that had matured over many years. Together with DEMACLENKO, a solution has been created that redefines the quality and efficiency of snowmaking at higher temperatures and sets the course for the future.


Regardless of the climatic conditions, snow can be produced at temperatures above freezing.

Real and high quality technical snow (same production principle as with snow guns).

Thanks to the innovative technology, the snow density can be influenced and thus the snow quality across the entire range - very dry powder snow to moist spring snow - can be individually set at the push of a button.

Thanks to the innovative technology, the machine does not ice up, so it can be operated without interruption. Defrosting cycles can be defined fully automatically as required.

No salt or other chemical additives need to be added to produce snow, only water and air are required.

The product is easy to transport and can be used flexibly where it is needed (modular container design).

No special prior knowledge or experience is required to operate the product. User and maintenance training is offered.

Ski areas, winter sports centers, winter sports events (cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing, ski jumping), glacier snow, indoor and much more

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