TechnoAlpin Launches Improved SnowFactory Models

The year of innovation continues! In 2021 TechnoAlpin presented three innovations in the snowmaking sector with the TT10 fan gun, the TL series snow lances and the completely revised ATASSpro control software. With the newly overhauled SnowFactory, another innovation is now being brought onto the market. 

The most important thing for every ski area is known to be planning security. The SnowFactory is an innovative snow-making technology that can produce top-quality snow regardless of the air temperature. It is not intended as a replacement for conventional snow guns, but rather as a supplement. With their help, snow can be generated around the clock, regardless of the external conditions on site. TechnoAlpin has been guaranteeing its partners every desired start of the season with the SnowFactory since 2014.

Years of development and already 70 machines installed at customers have allowed TechnoAlpin to further perfect the SnowFactory. The system has already been installed in many dimensions. From the mobile version to the large-scale project with a snow production of 1,000 m³ of snow per day. The technology and design are constantly being developed, so that the new models could now be presented in 2021.

The advantages of the SnowFactory technology at a glance

Large snow production and simple snow distribution: the specially developed snow production technology is robust against external influences. Thanks to the special snow consistency, the snow in the SnowFactory has a long shelf life and only melts slowly. The volume of snow is retained even after processing with the snow groomer. With just a single SnowFactory system, the snow can be distributed hundreds of meters across the entire ski area via underground pipes, without any additional transport costs. The ingenious system improves the transport of the snow, reduces melt losses and ensures trouble-free operation.

Real plug & play: The SnowFactory is delivered ready for operation in the container to the respective place of use. The entire technology is installed in the container, so that no additional components have to be placed around the machine.
Low connected load and different refrigerants: Compared to the industry, the SnowFactory requires far less energy than comparable models. The refrigerant is selected individually depending on the area of ​​application. In most cases it is possible to use natural refrigerants in order to produce even more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient snow. In addition, the constant innovation means that the refrigerant filling requirement is very low.
Intuitive software: A specially developed control software allows simple operation and uncomplicated control. Regardless of whether on the computer or via the MobileAPP.
The usual quality standard: The proven TechnoAlpin quality applies to all components of the system. All parts can be serviced and replaced immediately and without any problems 
Individual dimensions for every location 
The efficient technology with a closed cooling circuit allows snow to be produced 365 days a year - even at warmer temperatures. This means that snow can be produced anywhere, both outdoors and indoors, be it for the guaranteed start of the season in ski areas, snow-making on cross-country trails or for events and competitions. The SnowFactory is therefore available in different models and sizes. A suitable solution is thus offered for every area of ​​application. The SnowFactory Polar is the standard model and can be used in a fixed or mobile version. The SnowFactory Arctic impresses with twice the snow production per day. With the SnowFactory Dome, TechnoAlpin also meets the special requirements of indoor snowmaking.

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