Outdoorsy Selects Backcountry As Official Gear & Adventurer Guide

Outdoorsy, the most-trusted online RV rental and outdoor travel marketplace, and Backcountry, the premier online specialty retailer of outdoor gear and clothing, have teamed up to offer customers recommendations to create their own memorable outdoor travel experiences — from the merchandise needed to thrive outside to the rental that takes them there.

Together, Outdoorsy and Backcountry will provide supplies and access to shared memorable outdoor experiences at a lower cost. Backcountry customers will receive a discount on Outdoorsy RV rentals to hit the road this year, and Outdoorsy owners and renters will have access to discounted Backcountry merchandise offers to get the best gear to power their adventures.

Customers can now access Backcountry's outdoor and travel experts, gear enthusiasts, and customer service team, known as "Gearheads," on a custom page where they will guide Outdoorsy customers through bespoke "apparel itineraries" based on their outdoor activity of choice. The Gearheads will also curate a monthly calendar of exclusive merchandise deals for Outdoorsy's RV travelers.

"A partnership between Backcountry and Outdoorsy could not be a more natural fit. Backcountry has the premier selection of gear and equipment that people need to get outside, and Outdoorsy has the ultimate tools to take people there," says Backcountry CMO, Sarah Crockett. "Working with another brand that shares our mission of making the outdoors more accessible feels really powerful. It's an honor to work with Outdoorsy, and we hope our partnership can drive value and have a positive impact on our shared community of outdoor users."

The partnership with Backcountry is Outdoorsy's first official retail partnership to give consumers access to the best selection of gear for limitless outdoor adventure. This venture will allow both brands expansive customer reach and will enable these customers to enjoy equipment, adventure guides, and RV rentals at a high-value price point.

"We built Outdoorsy to help people experience the benefits of time spent in nature and make lasting memories outdoors — and this partnership with Backcountry is a meaningful step in bringing our vision to life," says Jen Young, Co-Founder and CMO of Outdoorsy. "As we reflect on this past year, it is more evident than ever that people have a great desire to be outdoors, and Backcountry provides the gear needed to make that happen while we provide the vehicle to get them there. This truly is a very natural partnership, and we hope it can benefit those who long to be outdoors as much as we do."

The partnership will begin with a "Backcountry x Outdoorsy Summer Getaway Sweepstakes" celebrating the outdoor adventurer where one grand-prize winner will receive $2,000 in Outdoorsy credit and $2,000 in Backcountry credit. One runner-up prize winner will receive $1,000 in Outdoorsy credit and $1,000 in Backcountry credit, with a second runner-up prize winner receiving $500 in Outdoorsy credit and $500 in Backcountry credit. The sweepstakes starts today and runs through May 30.

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