Warren Smith Ski Academy Courses Go Ahead In Cervinia

The Warren Smith Ski Academy started its summer 2020 program based in the Italian Alpine resort of Cervinia, with skiing taking place high up on the Matterhorn glacier, in what turned out to be excellent summer skiing conditions. 

Twenty guests from the UK joined the academy for this first week, and there’s still spaces left for skiers to join groups over the month, starting on Sunday August 2.

The courses take place on the summer ski area high above the resort at 3,900 meters and run for 5 days during the week, from 08.30am until 2pm. The focus is on developing pupil’s skills and confidence to improve their skiing to help with carving, steeps, short radius turns, personal development, moguls and even the foundation for powder snow conditions.

Warren Smith, Director of WSSA, said: “The snow is in great shape and our first guests were desperate to get back on their skis after the last winter season ended so abruptly. The staff here in Cervinia have been excellent and put everyone at ease, everyone has been super impressed with the safety measures in place, which include the wearing of masks in cable cars and indoor spaces. After they were hit so hard here at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s good to see how much they respect safety here – we have learnt a lot from the Italians. It’s fantastic to be back on skis again and running academy courses on the snow. We’re looking forward to the next few weeks!”

Students are offered in-depth video analysis and ski biomechanics - the teaching focuses on all of the Warren Smith Ski Academy content including, ankle flex, skier symmetry, thigh steering, left and right differences and physiology, middle body strength and pole plant plus a wide range of further content that might be needed on an individual skier basis.

Although complete beginners cannot participate, group levels start at ‘Basic’ (basic parallel turns required) to Intermediate and advanced skiers, through to experts and athlete level skiers. Group sizes are a maximum of 8 people.

The skiing area is the highest summer skiing area in Europe (3,400 – 3,900 metres) meaning snow conditions remain in better shape for longer. It’s an extensive summer skiing area, high above the resort of Cervinia and Zermatt with skiing located on the Swiss side of the border, but accessed from the Italian resort of Cervinia.

Dates and travel information:

The 5 day Warren Smith Ski Academy 2020 Summer Courses start on Sunday August 2, August 9 and August 16. Travel on all courses is Saturday to Saturday - arrival is a day before the courses start.

Resort: Cervinia, Italy, Skiing:  Zermatt, Switzerland

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