Wintersteiger Partners With Head USA, Creates Working Showroom In Colorado

Wintersteiger NA, the world’s leading supplier to ski and snowboard manufacturers, announces their new North American partnership with Head USA. The collaboration, which is an extension of Wintersteiger’s partnership with Head Europe, has resulted in the opening of a new demo center and showroom at the Head USA headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

“We count on Wintersteiger in our Austrian race department and wanted to replicateSome description that quality here in Boulder,” notes Jon Rucker, president of Head/Tyrolia, USA. “The Scout we now use is a fantastic machine. Yes, it has increased our efficiency, but more importantly for our purposes, it consistently produces top-notch tunes. Our focus is less on quantity and more on quality, which the Scout has delivered perfectly.”

In addition to the Scout, the Head service facility has been equipped with Wintersteiger Easystore racking, a Wax Future, Speedbrush, and Safetronic binding tester – all of which are crucial tools for ski shops looking to achieve ski service consistency, ease, and success. This means that ski shops and ski tuners in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region will now have improved access to ski tuning training and education via the Head Showroom.

Wintersteiger continues to improve accessibility to education for customers throughout North America by providing industry-leading educational programming. According to Stan Woliner, Director of Sales for Wintersteiger,

“The challenges of Covid and the lack of trade show venues caused us to rethink the way we do business. Finding regional industry partners like Head allows us to connect directly with the market that uses our products.”

The space in Boulder will serve as a working space and showroom and will allow Wintersteiger and Head partners in the Rocky Mountain region easy access to machinery training, product demonstrations, and other educational events.

 With four decades of experience and more than 35,000 ski tuning machines sold worldwide – including over 1500 automated ski tuning machines – Wintersteiger is the global market leader in ski tuning and racing service solutions. The Austrian, German, and US Ski Teams as well as ski manufacturers Atomic, Fischer, Head, Rossignol, and Salomon rely on the highest-quality results provided by Wintersteiger ski tuning machines to achieve competition success.

Contact your sales rep or a Wintersteiger sales manager today to schedule a guided run-through of the Head demo center and showroom. For more information about the Wintersteiger and Head brands, please visit their websites – and respectively.


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