Volvo & Skistar Sweden: Advancing Decarbonization With Fossil Free Ski Resort

Forward-thinking partnership is proving instrumental in bringing society closer to its decarbonization ambitions. As Volvo CE's recent collaboration on a fossil-free ski resort demonstrates, meaningful change cannot happen in isolation.


Together with colleagues across the Volvo Group, Volvo CE has been working on a pilot project with Sweden’s largest ski company SkiStar to help develop a roadmap towards fossil-free ski resorts. In doing so, it is proving that climate neutral construction is only made possible with a holistic approach that includes every vehicle on site and every aspect of a customer’s operation.

By evaluating the use of zero-emission solutions and reliable and flexible charging solutions in real world applications, the full electric ecosystem – and its every challenge and opportunity – is in the spotlight. This makes it easier to implement the improvements needed across the supply chain to make sustainability a reality.

Empowering lasting change

Mats Bredborg, Head of Customer Cluster Utility, said: “The pilot project is intended to show that it is possible to make ski resorts more sustainable and provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Zero emissions and low noise are better for the environment and for people. Electric solutions are also ideal for use in sensitive and tranquil locations like ski resorts. At the end of the day, if we want to ensure winter sports are still around for future generations to enjoy, then we all need to play our part.”

Volvo CE and its ever-expanding portfolio of electric construction equipment benefits from the expertise across Volvo Group – including Volvo Energy, which is leading the development of charging solutions, energy storage, battery optimization and battery lifecycle management.

Niklas Wahlberg, VP Partnership and System Solutions at Volvo Group, says: “We believe collaboration is the way forward to deliver the transformation that is required, transitioning away from a brown platform that relies on fossil fuels to a green platform. And we need to do this at pace and at scale.”

Fully charged collaboration

With this pilot project, Volvo CE is creating an all-inclusive blueprint that expands beyond the slopes of the Hammarbybacken ski resort in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. It is hoped that it not only serves as inspiration, but also accelerates the journey towards a climate-neutral future.

Like Volvo CE, SkiStar has committed to the Science Based Targets initiative and is aiming to be completely carbon neutral in the operation of its ski resorts by 2030 and reduce its carbon footprint by 50% on the 2020/2021 baseline. Volvo CE has committed to achieving net-zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions and 100% fossil free vehicles by 2040, with significant carbon reductions as early as 2030.

Volvo CE chooses to collaborate with like-minded companies who are moving in the same direction to drive industry transformation, fulfil these climate targets and deliver on its purpose to build a better world.

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