Vitalpin - Number Of Members More Than Triples In One Year

Vitalpin develops future-oriented and sustainable solutions across all industries - one year of full commitment to the alpine tourism industry has an impact. After the association presented itself to the public for the first time at last year's ITB, the number of members, which was 25 in the year of its foundation, rose to 90 within just one year. 170 articles in international media with a reach of over 26 million readers prove that the new voice is heard from tourism. The appearance at 65 events and 25 lectures held by Vitalpin do the rest.
 07/11/2020 Innsbruck Vitalpin
Vitalpin impressively demonstrates how much commitment and passion can be worthwhile for a common cause. On the occasion of the board meeting last week, the association takes stock. Vitalpin today gathers three times as many partners from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland as a year ago. In total, there are more than 960,000 people and companies who live from and with tourism and depend on functioning tourism. “The current Corona crisis has brought the importance and benefits of tourism for people in the Alps back to mind. That is exactly what we are committed to. Our network is essential to enter into the important dialogue between people and organizations in the Alps. Right now it's even more important
The aim of the association: to constructively shape the future in the Alps
"Protect" and "Benefit" are the principles on which the three cornerstones of Vitalpin stand: people, tourism and nature in the Alps. "These three subject areas are closely related and should not be viewed in isolation from each other," says Haid. Vitalpin therefore promotes dialogue and acts as a networker in order to positively influence tourism awareness and the spirit of tourism. The tourism industry and the associated leisure industry are of central importance for income and employment in many Alpine regions. It is therefore very important that guests, employees and locals feel equally comfortable and valued. “Future tourism projects must be implemented even more with due regard to the increased ecological requirements that our environment demands.
Climate protection in the Alpine region
In the first year of existence, Vitalpin was able to implement several projects in the area of ​​ecological management with alpine nature. One of the milestones was the climate neutrality of Silvretta Seilbahn AG: As one of the largest ski areas in the Alps, the company has been committed to climate protection since 2019: the CO2 emissions of ski operations were calculated and analyzed in a first step. As a result, measures to reduce the CO2 footprint of Silvretta Seilbahn AG have been and are being consistently implemented. Theresa Haid is also pleased about the pull effect in the tourism industry, because in future the initiative will be extended to many other ski areas in the Alpine region as well as other tourism companies: "Many of our members have responded and want to develop in this direction.
New coexistence in tourism
In addition to the international media presence - with 170 articles, a reach of 26 million readers was reached - Vitalpin is also present at numerous events. This was also made possible by the expansion of the team, which doubled in the past year. "What we have achieved in the first year makes me proud. It is nice to see how our vision of a new cooperation in tourism, with which we started over a year ago, has already taken on such a form, ”said Hannes Parth, Chairman of Vitalpin.
Michl Ebner, President of the Bozen Chamber of Commerce, is also convinced of the association: “In this difficult time around the corona virus, each of us is again aware of how important tourism and the leisure industry are for the local economy. If the tourism industry in the country is doing well, this will have a positive effect on the other economic sectors. Organizations like Vitalpin play an important role in this context. The Bozen Chamber of Commerce is the local contact for Vitalpin in South Tyrol. ”

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