UnionPay International Expands Payment Network To All Merchants In Andorra With MoraBanc

Andorra, a picturesque nation nestled between France and Spain at the foot of the Pyrenees, is famed for its world-class skiing and spectacular scenery. Millions of tourists flock every year to destinations such as Grandvalira, one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe.

Building on this reputation as a premier ski holiday destination, UnionPay International (UPI), in collaboration with Andorran bank MoraBanc, is delighted to announce that all merchants work with MoraBanc, both online and offline, can accept UnionPay Cards.

International tourists from China, Spain, and beyond, as well as local residents, can enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions with UnionPay cards throughout the country.

This initiative is set to boost customer footfall and enhance Andorra's appeal as a tourist hotspot. The ease of transactions afforded by UnionPay cards means that whether visitors are hitting the slopes, indulging in retail therapy, or enjoying the local cuisine, they can do so with the convenience of their preferred payment method.

Yang Shengliang, Deputy General Manager of UnionPay International European Branch, said: "Through the agreement with MoraBanc, we are delighted to announce that from now on, all MoraBanc merchants in Andorra accept UnionPay. As a country brimming with natural beauty and cultural attractions, we fully expect this partnership will result in an increase in the number of visitors to Andorra, all being able to enjoy the ease of payment with their UnionPay cards, whether through traditional or contactless card payments, or online transactions."

Wiro Martin, Marketing and Communication Director of MoraBanc, points out, "This agreement is another step in our commitment to offering our clients products and services with a differential value, and in this case, we believe that the introduction of UnionPay in Andorra is very positive for the commercial and tourism sectors, which have a significant presence in Andorra."

UnionPay International is actively broadening its international reach by providing secure and easy-to-use payment services to an expanding base of cardholders. The launch of UnionPay services in Andorra serves as a clear illustration of the company's commitment to positively impacting the global tourism sector and simplifying the payment process for travelers, wherever they may be in the world.


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