Tread & Butter Performance Cork Insole Brand, Announces Its Entry Into Wholesale.

Tread & Butter, the Bend, Oregon-based performance cork insole brand, announces its entry into wholesale.

Tread and Butter Shoe Insole Bend Oregon WR-073 (1)-2

“Tread & Butter is differentiated in every way,” said CEO Matt Hughes. “Our fit, materials and branding stand out from the crowd and give retailers a fresh new option.”

Designed in Bend, Oregon and handcrafted in Portugal, Tread & Butter cork insoles are intentionally made for running and hiking.

As part of its initial launch strategy, Tread & Butter focused on direct-to-consumer sales and is now expanding into retail partnerships, with an emphasis on premium specialty run and outdoor.

Tread & Butter insoles feature XSTATIC silver ion technology. How it works: the subtle dotted pinstripe you can see is a silver thread that disperses tiny silver ions across the topsheet of the insole. Silver kills bacteria which eliminates stinky feet. XSTATIC is no joke. It works beautifully. PORON Vive adds the perfect combination of shock absorption and energy rebound, Vive is noticeably more lively underfoot than the cut-rate plastics and foams many brands use.

“Plush comfort and ergonomic support are Tread & Butter’s calling card,” quipped Hughes. “It all starts with our proprietary cork. It’s light, sustainable, and feels amazing under foot. Say goodbye to the era of crummy plastic insoles.”

As consumer awareness of foot health and performance grows, the insole market is surging. According to industry forecasts, global insole sales are expected to reach US $5 billion by 2024.

“Insole fitting is one of the best services a shop can offer. It creates personal contact and a high chance for repeat purchase,” said Hughes. “The leading retailers partner with unique brands like Tread & Butter and pour on the service to create lasting customer relationships and drive profitability.”

Tread and Butter Shoe Insole Bend Oregon WR-018 (3)

Tread & Butter makes awesome cork insoles. Designed in Bend, Oregon and handcrafted in Portugal, Tread & Butter is made for the pace of modern running and hiking. As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, Tread & Butter is set to announce a new charitable initiative this Fall.

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