Tourism Organizations Of Tyrol, South Tyrol And Trentino Sign Founding Proposals For Euregio Connect.

During the Tyrol Day at the European Forum in Alpbach on August 23, the managing directors of the regional tourism organizations of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino signed the founding proposals for Euregio Connect. The aim of this European Association for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) is a deeper cooperation between the three countries.

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From left: Florian Phleps (Managing Director Tirol Werbung), Erwin Hinteregger (Managing Director IDM Südtirol) and Mauro Casotto (Managing Director Trentino Sviluppo; on behalf of Maurizio Rossini, Managing Director of Trentino Marketing) signed the founding proposals for Euregio Connect. © State of Tyrol / Sedlak

With the Tour of the Alps, the three regional tourism organizations (LTO) Tirol Werbung, IDM Südtirol and Trentino Marketing have already implemented their first joint project as a European region. In order to facilitate and institutionalize cooperation in the areas of tourism, culture and sport, the managing directors of the three LTO in Alpbach have officially initiated Euregio Connect with their signature. “Especially nowadays it is becoming increasingly apparent that cross-border cooperation is crucial for a prosperous future. With these applications, we have now taken a major step towards organizing the cooperation between the three countries in our European region, ”said Tirol Werbung Managing Director Florian Phleps on the occasion of the signing.

“We have already filled the European region with content in recent years. With Euregio Connect we are taking this good cooperation to a new level, ”said Erwin Hinteregger, the managing director of IDM Südtirol. Trentino was the starting point of the largest and most important joint initiative of the three LTOs to date: "We have put our Giro del Trentino, a cycling race with more than 40 years of history, at the service of this good cause and together formed the Tour of the Alps from it" , explained Maurizio Rossini, Managing Director of Trentino Marketing. Since 2017, this five-day stage race has led professional cyclists through the three countries and connects the European region on a sporting and tourist level. “On this basis, we want to expand our cooperation further,” said Rossini.

Euregio Connect is a European association for territorial cooperation (EGTC), which facilitates the cooperation of its three members Tirol Werbung, IDM Südtirol and Trentino Marketing, as the implementation of cross-border projects is simplified. The foundation applications for this EGTC were signed at the Tyrolean Day in Alpbach. After verification and approval by the responsible institutions in Austria (Land Tirol) and Italy, Euregio Connect is considered officially founded after six months at the latest and can be operational. The seat of this EGTC is in Innsbruck.

Tirol Werbung GmbH, based in Innsbruck, is part of Lebensraum Tirol Holding GmbH and acts as the state's tourism marketing organization. Its most important task is to position Tyrol as the most coveted power place in the alpine world.

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