Tenson Revisits Himalaya, A 70s Classic

The Himalaya Jacket by Tenson has been an iconic item of outdoor gear since 1972. This year, to celebrate, the classic Himalaya Jacket is being released in a numbered Limited Edition.

The unisex Himalaya will be available in all the original colours - yellow, blue, red and black and a limited version, available from selected retailers, with teddy lining and faux fur, based on an early version of the Himalaya jacket.

The Himalaya was designed in the early 1970s, inspired by the first trip to the moon. It quickly became an iconic product and a signature silhouette for Tenson.

It was made from a high-tech fabric for its time, and the back was laminated with aluminium foil, providing effective insulation and warmth when used in extreme cold. During the development of the jacket, a number of expeditions were performed including a polar expedition to ensure high quality and superior function. In 1975, the jacket was the headpiece of a British expedition in the Himalayan mountains with Mount Everest as its goal.

Upon release, the Himalaya quickly became a success all over Europe. It was known as the Swedish wilderness jacket – using the latest fabric technology to ensure quality, function, and fit. It also became very popular with sailors who sought a jacket with good protection for the stormy days out at sea. In fact, it was so popular with the sailing community that the collection was expanded to include matching trousers in the same durable material.

In 1977, the Swedish Americas Cup sponsored the boat with sailing legends Pelle Pettersson and Stellan Westerdahl at the helm. The crew that was then to call the cold North Sea home needed extremely warm and water resistant clothing – Tenson’s Himalaya Jacket was chosen.

During the 1980s, the fabric was updated, using Tenson’s self-developed laminate MPC, which made it even better at withstanding wind and water. This development made the jacket even more popular, as such it became a staple item of many an outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe. Success continued into the 1990s, and the jacket was a must for any fashion-forward personality for a while.

Unique timeless design and exceptional quality are what have made the Himalaya Jacket a classic that always feels current. This appeal has also made it a sought after product on the second hand market for decades.

In 2010, a limited edition co-lab variant of the Himalaya was made with Swedish rapper Petter. The jacket caught the attention of a younger audience and new doors were opened. The jacket sold out quickly and was again an immediate success.

A collaboration  between Tenson and Junkyard started off with the love for the iconic Tenson Himalaya jacket.

The graphics used as front prints and embroidery  in the collection are all based on the painting of the Himalaya

.The collection consists of jackets and hoodies, crews and tees.  All with details and materials found in the archives of Tenson and transformed into a Junkyard way of dressing and addressing the streets.

”We are super excited that our heritage can be so relevant for a contemporary streetwear design”  says Karin Plonaitis, Chief  Brand Officer and Oscar Anderberg, Marketing

The outdoors apparel market wants products with timeless design and longevity, this is what makes the Himalaya Jacket feel more relevant, fashionable and up to date than ever before, and why Tenson is so excited to bring the new edition to market.

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