TechnoAlpin Offers Optimized Nozzles And Nucleators For Unrivaled Performance In The Limit Temperature Range

TechnoAlpin is the undisputed leader in snowmaking technology. In recent years, the focus has been on increasing snow output in the limit temperature range. After all, approximately 70% of basic snowmaking occurs at temperatures ranging from -2°C to - 5°C. Both the nozzles and nucleators have been equipped with wear-resistant ruby inserts to improve performance. Ruby is twice as hard as ceramic and much harder than stainless steel. This ensures that nozzles and nucleators seldom wear out even at high pressures with hard water. The spray pattern remains unchanged for decades - a decisive criterion for optimum performance under difficult conditions. Because large quantities of top quality snow can only be produced when the water/compressed air ratio is exactly right.


Different configurations also make it possible to adapt the systems perfectly to the prevailing temperature conditions. For ski areas with predominantly mild limit temperatures, special nozzle configurations are defined that make it possible to start snow production at warmer temperatures. At lower temperatures, switchable nozzles make it possible to optimize the amount of snow needed and produce larger quantities.

The ruby nozzles are embedded in innovative nozzle valves. Each switchable nozzle is controlled by its own nozzle valve. A sophisticated discharge system using compressed air has also been developed to ensure that not a single drop of water is wasted. The excess water is thus integrated directly into the air jet on switching nozzles and then efficiently converted into snow.

The number of adjustable steps in our lances has been increased, and the nozzle configuration has been adapted to limit ranges to ensure that they work as efficiently as possible throughout the entire temperature range. This increases snow output overall, but particularly at the start of the snow curve - which is where it really counts.

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