TechnoAlpin: Lance Head Replacement – ​​Small Change, Big Effect

The new snow guns from TechnoAlpin impress with their high snow output in the limit temperature range and their outstanding efficiency. A snow gun does not always have to be completely replaced in order to benefit from the latest technological advances. Changing the head of the lances is a simple and cost-effective option. This protects the environment and the budget of the ski resorts.

The head plays an important role in the performance of the lances. An upgrade to the latest technology is therefore particularly easy and cost-effective. To benefit from the latest developments, all you have to do is replace the head; the structure remains the same. The old heads will be taken back by TechnoAlpin. They consist predominantly of aluminum and are 100% returned to the value chain.


The new lance heads from TechnoAlpin impress with their significantly higher snow output, especially in the border areas. This is due to a number of development steps that have been taken in recent years. For example, the control levels have been significantly optimized across the entire temperature range, so that the new lances always work at optimal efficiency. Air consumption is better regulated so that less energy is required overall.

The snow output of the new models is significantly higher. This significantly reduces the injection time and optimizes the energy balance. Energy savings vary from 35% to 70% depending on the model.

In addition, the new generation of lances makes it possible to start making snow earlier, a decisive advantage when it comes to whether the ski area can open or not. While the older models start at -3.5°C wet bulb temperature, the new models can start producing snow at -2.5°C wet bulb temperature.

With little investment and no waste, replacing a lance head brings the following advantages: the CO2 balance is optimized, the snow quality is increased and the snow starts earlier.

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