TechnoAlpin Highlights ALPINAL – The Complete System For Snowmaking Pipeline Construction

The ALPINAL pipe system is a complete system made of ductile cast iron that covers all the requirements of pipeline construction. The pipes and fittings were specially developed for use under challenging conditions and are particularly suitable for water supplies in the mountains and at high pressures.

As with all components of the snowmaking system, TechnoAlpin relies on the highest standards and tested product quality. ALPINAL combines a whole range of advantages in one system.

High safety for high operating pressures

All components have been specially developed to meet the high demands and are available in various dimensions and pressure levels. The ALPINAL system guarantees maximum safety even at operating pressures of up to 100 bar.

Easy installation without welding

In the mountains, pipe systems have to withstand extreme weather conditions. At the same time, the work must be able to be carried out quickly and safely. ALPINAL is characterized by a quick and simple installation method. Thanks to the push-in joint technology, the pipes can be installed easily and by semi-skilled personnel.

Durability and durability

Ductile iron pipes are elastic and can be deformed under load, making them resistant to pressure points such as stones. They can absorb high static loads from internal pressure, traffic loads and soil loads and have sufficient pressure reserves.

In addition, ALPINAL pipes and fittings feature the Zinalium coating system, a zinc-aluminium alloy (ZnAl 85-15). This has a layer thickness twice as thick as required by the standard. This increases resistance and extends the service life even in aggressive soils.

environmental friendliness

The Zinalium coating system not only contributes to longevity, but also significantly to environmental and health protection, as it is free of solvents and the harmful ingredient bisphenol A.

The manufacturer of the ALPINAL system is the European supplier PAM Saint Gobain. Just like TechnoAlpin, Saint Gobain also attaches great importance to the sustainable development of its products and to longevity through the highest quality.

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