Technoalpin: Data Analysis - Highlights Limit Temperatures At A Glance

Fully automatic snowmaking offers another advantage in addition to the benefits of controlling the system: A wealth of data is available and can be used to optimize snowmaking systems individually and specifically at limit temperature ranges.

Data is independent of subjective experiences. Objective data offers new, neutral perspectives that enable users to identify system inefficiencies and optimize performance. If this data is used in addition to individual customer experiences, this opens up unprecedented opportunities for improving system performance.

TechnoAlpin works with customers to create individual data analyses using the ATASSpro operated snowmaking system. This proves that the TechnoAlpin planning motto “the right snow gun in the right place” can be implemented for every individual snow gun by using sound data as a basis. A simple example: The data can be used to identify snow guns with particularly high snow hours and analyze this with regard to their optimum location.

Another example is the effects of water temperature, which are particularly relevant during the snowmaking phase and at limit temperatures. Water temperatures that are just 4 degrees lower indirectly lead to snow guns that are up to 20% more efficient. This all makes it easier to identify opportunities for optimizing the system.

Enormous savings potential in the machine room

When it comes to improving system efficiency, the machine room plays a central role. This system component accounts for around two thirds of the energy needed for the snowmaking system as a whole. Historical data can be used to optimize how much each individual pump is used, as well as the pump station as a whole. It also allows us to derive operational and strategic recommendations for the future. A new efficiency index based on the entire system’s energy and water requirements has been developed so that the system can operate as efficiently as possible. A traffic light system is used to clearly show how efficiently a system is operating in real time. So the snow team can react immediately and increase efficiency.

Over the past few years, innovation leader TechnoAlpin has built a team with the right expertise so that we can provide the best possible advice on snowmaking systems that is individually tailored, above all else.

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