Swiss Squad Selections For Ski Freestyle, Snowboard And Telemark Announced

The director of ski freestyle, snowboard and telemark, Sacha Giger, together with the discipline heads Christoph Perreten (snowboard freestyle, freeski, aerials and moguls), Ralph Pfäffli (snowboard alpine, snowboard cross and ski cross) and Hans-Peter Birchler (telemark) as well as their Coaching teams made the squad selections in the respective Swiss-Ski sports for the 2024/25 season.

36 athletes have national team status in 2024/25:

  • Snowboard Freestyle: Ariane Burri, D avid Hablützel, Nicolas Huber, Jan Scherrer and Berenice Wicki
  • Alpine snowboarding: Dario Caviezel, Ladina Jenny, Jessica Keizer and Julie Zogg
  • Snowboard cross: Sophie Hediger, Kalle Koblet and Sina Siegenthaler
  • Ski cross: Tobias Baur, Sixtine Cousin, Romain Détraz, Margaux Dumont, Alex Fiva, Talina Gantenbein, Saskja Lack, Jonas Lenherr, Ryan Regez and Fanny Smith
  • Freeski: Fabian Bösch, Mathilde Gremaud, Kim Gubser, Sarah Höfflin, Andri Ragettli and Giulia Tanno
  • Aerials: Noé Roth and Pirmin Werner
  • Telemark: Romain Beney, Léa L athion, Nicolas Michel, Alexi Mosset, Maxime Mosset and Martina Wyss

A total of 13 athletes received squad status from Swiss-Ski.

For the 2024/25 season, 124 athletes received squad status in the sports of snowboard, ski cross, freeski, aerials, moguls and telemark.

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