Supersnow Welcomes Visitors To In House Exhibition With A Wide Range Of Exhibits

SUPERSNOW welcomed the visitors to the in-house exhibition with a wide range of exhibits. The innovative manufacturer and system supplier for the entire range of snow-making technology showed its complete range in Roppen. These included proven models as well as technical innovations on the subject of energy efficiency.
DOUBLE in-house exhibition SUPERSNOW & HYDROSNOW
Over 40 customers took the opportunity on September 16 in Roppen to get an idea of ​​the diverse range on offer. This was supplemented by the snowmobile from BOBSLA, the feeder distributors from GIFAS, as well as the milling machines and LINTRAC cross-country skiing equipment from MÜLLER Fahrzeugtechnik.
After a company presentation, the new T400 tower with electric drive and the versatile UNIVERSAL SHAFT were shown to the outside area.
The new tower can be delivered in a height of 4m (T400) and a height of 6m (T600). Mechanically or powered by an electric motor, it can lift the snow gun in up to 10 different positions. The electric motor is installed directly in the lower area of ​​the tower in a service-friendly manner, where it is well protected from external weather influences. The control panel and keyboard are integrated directly into the impact protection mat and are easily accessible. The T400 tower can be mounted on any shaft using a wide variety of adapters. 
Great job
The new SUPERSNOW UNIVERSAL CHAMBER offers a strong performance. Thanks to its statically ingenious construction, even the 6m high T600 can be built directly on it. This is an absolute novelty and a unique selling point. Equipped with the hydraulic components from SUPERSNOW, the regulating valve RV100 (100bar) and the hydrant drive DV7, it offers - together with the high-quality feed distributors from GIFAS - all the requirements for safe and durable snow-making technology.
700SUPERSILENT - “Best in Class” in terms of energy consumption
The absolute winner of the in-house exhibition was the new 700SUPERSILENT snow gun. The nucleation system built into this snow gun requires a significantly lower air pressure and can therefore be operated with a compressor of only 1.5 kW. This has a positive effect on the temperature of the compressed air in the system and on the low noise level of the nucleation nozzles. With a total connected load of 14.3 kW, the new snow gun is not only the quietest, but also the absolute front runner in terms of energy consumption and guarantees savings of over 1,000 kW per season.
SUPERSNOW & HYDROSNOW - twice as good
SUPERSNOW & HYDROSNOW expect at least as much success from the upcoming in-house exhibition on September 23, 2021 in St. Barbara im Mürz Valley. In a double pack, HYDROSNOW as a leading provider in the construction of pumping stations, cooling tower systems and SUPERSNOW with its innovative snow-making technology show customers the complete range of services 
The two companies have had a strong cooperation for over 2 years. As a sales and service partner of SUPERSNOW, HYDROSNOW is responsible for Carinthia, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland in addition to Styria.

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