Stakeholders Participate In FIS Covid-19 Prevention Risk Management Webinar

About 300 FIS World Cup Stakeholders from National Ski Associations, World Cup and World Championship Organisers, rights-holders Infront and EBU, as well as broadcasters, sponsors, colleagues from the IOC and Winter Sports Olympic Movement and other partners for the highest-level FIS events came together online today to learn about the latest developments, measures and activities in relation to FIS Covid-19 prevention for the upcoming winter competition programme.

The webinar focused on the activities that FIS will undertake in relation to Covid-19 prevention The FIS Covid-19 Prevention Guide winter edition and the updated FIS Covid-19 Risk Management and Testing Protocol were shared with the participants.

With the common goal to implement sound policies to stage full FIS World Cup competitions series in all six FIS disciplines, and to ensure health welfare and discipline of all participants and events, the goal was to create joint actions to provide confidence to all stakeholders notably the  National Health Authorities that they can trust in the thorough procedures adopted by the FIS World Cup stakeholders to stage events safely without risking the health of the participant or the public. .

FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis provided a general status overview before delving into more detailed information about the calendar status, as well as the FIS World Championship 2021 and Beijing 2022 test events. She stated: “FIS events and sport as such organise their events according to rules and regulations with a strong emphasis on the safety of all participants especially the athletes. We are disciplined, have limited access to our events with zonal accreditation restrictions, professional security services and a Medical Officer and expertise with the necessary facilities and equipment permanently, so the requirements of Covid-19 protection are well covered. Every is well aware of their responsibilities to behave in a disciplined way to protect themselves, each other and the events.”

FIS Covid-19 Expert for Testing and Hygiene, Rasmus Damsgaard, and Jenny Shute of the Covid-19 Medical Support Group reported on the updated FIS Protocol, before members of the FIS Council Covid-19 Support Group presented their summaries from the different disciplines.

You can find a video of the complete webinar here:

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