Spyder Launches Rental Service

For ski enthusiasts, equipment is one of the keys to success. With children growing up every year, bulky outfits to store, gloves and hats regularly misplaced... renting is definitely becoming a positive alternative.

Spyder Rental, a simple and effective solution

The launch of this service is a real novelty for this top-of-the-range brand, popular among winter sports enthusiasts around the world.
It’s a turnkey solution that rhymes with simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility: rental duration determined by the customer, several delivery and pick-up options, reduced delivery time, free cancellation, etc.

Committed to improve the customer experience, SPYDER continues to respond to new consumption trends. The rental offer is also part of a more global initiative to position the brand as a player in the circularity and responsibility universe.

Spyder Rental, how does it work?

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Easy to order online, SPYDER Rental products are available in men's, women's, boys’, and girls' lines. Whether you're planning a weekend of downhill skiing or a season of freeriding, the right sized outfit can be shipped directly to your destination. No stress and no need to pack.

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