Snow Operating Officially Partners With Sno-Go

SNO-GO is proud to announce their formal partnership with SNOW Operating. This new partnership brings SNOW Operating CEO, Joe Hession to the board of SNO-GO and the resources of SNOW Operating’s team to SNO-GO as strategic consultants in the continued growth of the company.  SNO-GO is the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced commercially available ski bike.  The SNO-GO bike utilizes their patented S.L.A.T. system to marry ski-like carving with the feel of riding a bike – an activity that many people are familiar with.  This enables a greater success rate for first time snow sports goers and an exciting new experience for skilled enthusiasts. Together, SNO-GO and SNOW Operating are poised to open and expand new markets of interested snow-goers through SNO-GO’s Premier Partnerships offering rentals, lessons, and retail sales.
SNOW Operating’s Terrain Based Learning™ approach has seen worldwide success through its Conversion & Growth™ resort partnership program. By using specifically designed and manicured terrain features, new skiers and snowboarders can rapidly develop the skills needed to advance to the “fun” stage of the sport. “We spend a lot of effort at SNOW Operating trying to get more people on snow and having fun, and with SNO-GO, I’ve never seen an easier way to get people moving… the learning curve is measured in minutes.” says CEO of SNOW Operating Joe Hession. “The team at SNO-GO has impressed me with their drive and vision for cultivating a new resort culture around ski bikes. We are beyond proud to join together to help grow snow sports through this new and exciting way to slide on snow.”
SNO-GO’s S.L.A.T. system allows a person to turn, stop, and carve all by leaning on the bike’s handlebars. Arguably one of the best aspects of SNO-GO is how most people pick it up within a few runs and are riding the chairlift for the rest of the day. And, SNO-GO has a solution for that too. The SNO-GO Chairlift Hook design allows the bike to be carried by all chairlifts for an efficient method of loading bikes onto the lift. All of these advancements led SNO-GO to become the first and only ski bike to be endorsed by the PSIA-AASI. In the 2020 season, SNO-GO onboarded 18 resorts to it’s Premier Partner (rental, lessons, and retail) Program and has plans to double this in 2021 as resort acceptance of Sno-Go across some of North America’s most predominant ski resorts continues to expand. Currently, both of SNOW Operating’s owned resorts Big SNOW American Dream and Mountain Creek, as well as five other SNOW Operating partnered resorts currently offer and allow SNO-GOs for their guests.
“With this partnership, SNO-GO now has the opportunity to scale it’s proven Premier Partner program to the rest of the ski industry and attract an even larger mass audience to snowsports for the years to come.  We couldn’t be more excited to be working directly with Joe and the SNOW Operating team and look forward to what next winter and beyond will bring.”  says Chase Wagstaff, SNO-GO’s CO-Founder and VP of Sales.

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