Skiclicker Rental Concept Experiences New Growth With Industry Backing

The innovative SkiClicker concept, with its patented products, replaces the need for ski boots for binding adjustments. Customers experience an easier, faster and less stressful rental process, not having to take off their ski boots for binding adjustments and getting out on to the slopes faster. Ski rental shops are able to provide a greater customer satisfaction while the staff are benefiting from a hygienic and ergonomic workplace.

SkiClicker is a solution for optimized workflow with benefits for skier and ski rental staff as well as ski rental owners. Working with SkiClicker eliminates the use of ski boots for binding adjustments. The core of the concept is the patented SkiClicker Sole, a length-adjusted tool for binding pre setting length adjustments.

  • During pre-season, make sure to measure all your rental ski boots, using the SkiClicker Boot Analyzer tool, to get the exact sole length into your system.
  • When the skier comes to get the skis adjusted, start by scanning the rental ski boot, using your preferred rental software, to get the sole length.
  • Finally, use the SkiClicker Sole for the pre-setting adjustment of the alpine binding. The skier is now ready for the slopes.

SkiClicker is a versatile solution, carefully developed to fit any size ski rental shop, no matter if its a small family-owned shop or belongs to a large chain. It also works with any rental software, so the rental owner can work with the setup that suits them best. 

A number of key players with strong positions in the market are now investing in the innovative company No More Boots, based in Östersund, Sweden.
With a focus on innovative products and the highest customer service, the company is welcoming the new partners who will be closely involved in its mission to become a leading player within the outdoor sector.
Earlier investors in round one, Almi Invest and E14 invest are now re-investing in the company.
Among the new investors are the Swedish Alpine & Skicross Director, Tommy Eliasson Winter, the former sport and marketing director of the ski team Sweden skicross, Joar Båtelson, HR-manager Fredrik Svesse, Rudy Zappala, business strategist, Mattias Johansson and his company Boot tech, who won ‘Gear of the Year 2018’ in Sweden with his patented product the Boot Fitter as well as Skibua, the market leading ski rental shop in Norway. Tommy Eliasson will also be a member of the board.
Sales manager Andreas Persson, said: “For us it’s obviously important that the ski rental shops believe in our products and having such a strong player as Skibua on our team is a great proof of concept.
“We received very positive response at the ISPO Munich trade fair in February. It’s obvious that the ski rental market has evolved and is now ready to change. Demands for greater customer service and a modern rental process are all expectations from our future generations. The ski rental shops see the benefits of eliminating the use of ski boots for binding adjustments by working with SkiClicker™.
“The purpose of this round was to strengthen our team with expertise within the sector and our cash, in order to achieve a strong position on the market and to continue to develop our R&D and market activities”.
Among the companies already working with SkiClicker are Skistar, Intersport and Skiset.

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