“#She Is Outdoors” - First European Award Dedicated To Women’s Outdoor Sport Products Announces 2022 Winners

#she is outdoors – the first European award dedicated to women’s sport outdoor products – has handed out its awards. 43 products from 22 different brands took part in the contest, competing in four different categories, in the sustainability award and in an overall competition. The paneuropean jury of twelve experts and outdoor enthusiasts has thoroughly evaluated products that deserve nothing less than a perfect rating in terms of claim and performance.

Below is the list of award winners with notes from the jury members.

Ortovox | Diract Voice OVERALL WINNER

Easy to use. Form follows function. No explanation necessary. Under shock the DIRACT VOICE is self-explaining and guides you through the process. You don’t have to be a tech freak to handle it. The highest rankings on the rating sheet are innovation and purpose, followed by functional design. A whole lot of points that lead into the right direction: The intelligent Battery warns you, when it needs service and the app contains lots of tutorials and ideas intended to educate people before they go off the slope.


Recycle. Reuse. Re-manufacture. Circular material. It’s truly 100 % circular, which was also one of the most important aspects for the jury members. It’s super innovative with a 100 % PES pre-consumer recycled membrane combined with the finest Bluesign approved Sympatex 2layer fabric made out of 100% recycled Polyester/Face fabric with FC free Bionic Finish Eco/100% recycled Polyester membrane made of production waste and padded with Primaloft ThermoPlume insulation (100% PES post-consumer recycled). On the other hand, it is a really multi-purpose piece of clothing – you can use it for hiking, in the city and while doing snowsports. A classic style, sustainable and also functional.

Ortovox | 3L Deep Shell Bib Pants GOLD WINNER | APPAREL

The perfect pants for skiing and mountaineering. Design, functionality, purpose and processing quality were the main aspects which convinced the jury members. The pants fit really nicely for many female bodyshapes. The very pure design is a highlight, it’s clean and simple with all necessary details. There is also an easy access bib opening for “pit stops”. The whole fit at the top of the pants is once again women specific with a nice extra warm and breathable wool fabric at the back.

Mammut | Aenergy In Hybrid Pants Women WINNER | APPAREL

Very thought through. A unique and efficient lightweight alternative. It doesn’t look that sturdy, but it sure is. The Jury members were fascinated regarding purpose- and target aspects, functionality and material selection. The pants have the perfect fit for any size. The pants are specifically padded in specific areas to shield sensitive parts of the female body and keep them warm. The jury hasn’t experienced any better bodymapping and material placement. The necessary functional features, like ventilation, boot zippers or pockets, are in the right places, too.

Adidas Terrex | Techrock Primeknit Rain.Dry Pants GOLD WINNER | OUTDOOR PROFESSIONALS AND EXPEDITION

Great flexible and functional pants. One of the best things about the TECHROCK PRIMEKNIT RAIN.DRY PANTS from adidas: they don’t look like technical pants. They’re really slim, outstanding in design with a lot of cool and smart details. What the jury appreciates most are the purpose-, innovation-, design- and sustainability aspects. And it’s also a perfect women’s fit, which is unfortunately still a rare sight in the market of technical pants. Perfect combination of technical function, sustainability and innovative design. With this product Adidas makes a huge step towards sustainable aspects like durability and materials regarding waterproofness. You have a really robust material, that is still soft and comfortable to wear.

Fritschi | Xenic 10 WINNER | SNOW SPORTS

In terms of functionality & innovation the horizontal moving levers ensure a secure hold in downhill skiing without blocking. Additionally, there is a reliable release with 10 mm elasticity for the flexing ski. Entering the binding is super easy and even if you miss the pins by a bit, it kind of guides the way. When it comes to purpose – the binding can be used for lightweight women or even kids. The DIN setting range from 4-10 so you have a high safety binding for lighter persons.

Norrøna | Lofoten 28 GOLD WINNER | HARDWARE

The backpack from Norrøna scores in points of purpose, material selection and above all in design. It’s the perfect skitouring backpack. It is not to heavy and it is definetly designed for women. With a wide back opening it is very easy to access. Due to the clean and modest design multiple purpose use seems very possible.
Concerning material selection, the Lofoten 28 is using the ecological material Econyl. Nylon waste from landfills and oceans is used. The design is very clean, the access to the safety compartement is clearly visible due to a different zipper color. There are no unnecessary straps. The fit is very women specific for narrow shoulders and fits perfectly. Every detail is kept really clear. Even if it looks very clear and simple it has all technical details a skitouring backpack needs.

About the Award and why we need it

"Women have come a long and difficult way in the Outdoor industry. We have snuck out of the house and climbed steep peaks wearing long skirts - no one has talked about it publicly. We had idols, like Lynn Hill, the first person to free climb "the nose" in 1993. Today, many girls and women are free to enjoy outdoor adventure as men have always done" explains Jana Erb.

Women's gear has also evolved, from floral prints on rain jackets to specifically tailored women's products. Women have come a long way - but they are not there yet. It is time to stop 'adapting' men's products and start designing them specifically for women and their interests and needs, without compromises. That’s why Jana, Miriam and Maria decided to create this Award.

"Someone might object: 'Another prize! Do we need it?' We believe we do: brands can tell stories that inspire girls to climb impressive peaks, they can support women who travel long distances and cross uncharted territories" explains Miriam Mayer.

“Our goal is to push the technical aspects of outdoor products designed for women beyond floral prints and 'pink it and shrink it’” explains Miriam Mayer.

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