Serfaus: Komperdellbahn - Construction Update

The construction work for the new Komperdellbahn is in full swing. The good thing: the guests don't notice much of it immediately. The work on the intermediate station is on schedule, and the first changes are also visible at the valley and mountain stations.

Shielded by site fences, at the mountain station of the Komperdellbahn it is not even noticeable that preparatory work for the new cable car is already underway here. The first structural work has been completed and the transformer station for the Komperdellbahn is currently being relocated. One of the transformers is already in use.

If you look down into the valley from the mountain station, you can already guess where the new cable car will take guests to the Komperdell from December 2023. The route has now been completely cleared out, and the cable ditch is currently looking for its way from the mountain station to the intermediate station. But don't worry: In the Komperdell area, all work on the ditch and the support foundations has been completed - there are no longer any restrictions for people or animals.

By the way: The railway line of the old Komperdellbahn will be reforested after the railway has been dismantled so that it will no longer be visible as a line.

The first renovation work is also visible at the valley station. A completely new building was built behind the valley station: the in-house metalworking shop of the cable car Komperdell GmbH. The metalworking shop is currently housed in the basement of the Komperdellbahn. New premises for the spacious ski depot will be built here next year. The new building has already been erected so that the locksmith work does not have to be interrupted in the coming summer. The new metalworking shop can be occupied from autumn.


The excavation has already been completed, the first concrete work on the foundation of the basement station has been completed (e.g. the front area where the compressor station will be located). Almost all of the excavated material was reinstalled in the area of ​​the central descent to correct the slope. The remaining material will be used to backfill the station. State-of-the-art technology is also used here. The excavators are equipped with a system that uses GPS to indicate the exact heights and the excavators do not have to carry out any unnecessary digging.

The only restriction that the guests experience with regard to the new intermediate station is the construction site path, which has to be crossed in the Sunliner access area. All construction vehicles are diverted via their own access road and do not have to drive through the village. Guests only come into contact with construction site traffic in the area of ​​the Sunliner valley station. But don't worry: Everything is marked accordingly, so that there can be no dangerous situations.


Flower seeds were collected from the mountain meadows of Serfaus last summer and can now multiply in large flower troughs at the valley station. The reason for this is that the roof of the new Komperdellbahn valley station - a so-called biodiversity roof - is to be planted with native flowers. "Blossoms.Reich - Together for Diversity" is the name of this initiative, which the cable car Komperdellbahn GmbH has joined in order to preserve or renaturate species-rich flower meadows and wildflower areas.


There has been a model gondola at the valley station for some time to get a better idea of ​​what the new cabins will look like. This has now been converted into an information point in order to provide guests with the best possible information about the largest investment in the history of the cable car company Komperdell GmbH.
  • Valley station: 1,442 m
  • Intermediate station: 1,610 m
  • Mountain station: 1,982 m
  • Length 1st leg: 566 m
  • Length of the 2nd leg: 2,075 m
  • Total length: 2,641 m
  • Altitude difference: 540 m
  • Capacity: 3,000 people/h (in the final stage 3,500 people/h)
  • Number of supports: 20 supports
  • Journey time: 10.5 minutes
  • Construction costs: 50 million euros

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