Serfaus: Construction Progress Of The New Komperdellbahn

It runs! And by that I don't just mean the current summer season, but above all the construction progress on the new Komperdellbahn.


The last ceiling in the valley station area (storage rooms, ski depot) was successfully concreted and the new, spacious access area to the Komperdellbahn and the Sunliner is now clearly visible! Even if the waiting times at the valley station were always limited, it happened that the queuing areas of the Komperdellbahn and the Alpkopfbahn merged into one another. This should now be a thing of the past! The new valley station was moved a little to the side and thus creates significantly more open space. From the 2023/24 winter season, the new Komperdellbahn cabins will offer space for up to ten people - instead of the previous six. So more people are transported up the mountain in less time. The newly gained space will of course be skiable in winter and will be the end of the central descent. Unfortunately, the weather has not always cooperated in the past few weeks and there have been delays in the meantime. By switching the construction work at the mountain station to a two-shift operation (daily working hours from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. with two batches), the lost time was almost made up for. We're only slightly behind.

The screed, including underfloor heating, has already been laid on the first basement floor, where the future Patscheider ski depot will be located. In the old building, the walls and ceiling were painted, the thermal insulation was renewed, and the ventilation and all electronics were installed. The first escalators down to the ski depot are currently being assembled.


Looking at the building from the outside, one could almost think that the station is already finished. Visually, it is very well integrated into the landscape, the walls are paneled with wood and painted in a matching color. Not much can be seen from the train station - by next summer at the latest, everything will be green and overgrown. Enormous progress can also be seen in the interior – the electrical commissioning is currently in full swing and the station is already fully functional. It now contains more than 60 gondolas that are assembled on site. Every day, the employees fit up to ten cabins with cabin mounts, hanging rods and cable clamps. I would love to take a seat in a cabin and take a trip up to the Komperdell.


Originally it was planned to start with the assembly of the cable car system in the valley station. Due to the time delay, the planning had to be changed - it started with the mountain station. Work is in full swing here! The drive for the upper section is currently being assembled, the drive for the lower section is located in the intermediate station. In the meantime, the entrance supports in the mountain station have also been set up - the station can also be seen very well here.


All the supports were already in place in June. Those that could only be deployed by helicopter were flown in July. In the meantime, only the exit supports number one and two in the valley station are missing, all the others are already waiting for the rope. Speaking of the rope: the one for the upper section was delivered last week. The splicing work should be completed by the beginning of September and the rope can be tensioned on the rope pulleys. The rope for the lower section should be up by the end of September.

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