SCARPA North America Recalls F1 Ski Boots Due To Fall Hazard

SCARPA North America has recalled some F1 ski boots due to fall hazard

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Name of Product:  F1 LT and F1 GT Ski Boots (both men’s and women’s).

  • Hazard: In some of the boots manufactured in Fall 2022, the two screws attaching the ski/walk mechanism to the cuff may not be securely connected. If the screws loosen or fall out, the ski/walk mechanism may not function properly posing the risk of a fall.
  • Remedy: Repair. Replacement of two screws on each boot that attach the ski/walk mechanisms to the cuffs.  Consumers should immediately stop using the boots contact SCARPA for instructions on replacing the screws.
  • Consumer Contact: SCARPA North America toll-free at (866) 998-2895 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT Monday through Friday or online at and click on the link marked “F1  LT & GT RECALL” for more information.

Recall Details


This recall applies only to certain production batches of Fall 2022 F1 LT and F1 GT ski boots (men’s and women’s). The recall does NOT apply to F1 LT and F1 GT boots manufactured in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

Boots that were purchased before August 1, 2022 are NOT affected by this issue.

  • The F1 LT boots were sold in Carbon /Orange for men and Carbon/Aqua blue for women with “SCARPA” written in white letters on the lower outer side of the boot.
  • The F1 GT boots were sold in Petrol/Orange for men and Petrol/Aqua for women, with “SCARPA” written in white letters on the lower outer side of the boot.
  • The model name “F1 LT ” or “F1 GT” is printed on the upper right outside ankle cuff of the boots.

For information on how to identify the boots subject to the recall, please see the detailed description below.

Sold at: Authorized SCARPA dealers and retailers in the United States and Canada, including,  REI and Skimo Co., and online at from August 2022  through December 2022  for about $700.

If your boots are subject to the recall, or if you have any questions about whether your boots are subject to the recall, please contact SCARPA immediately, toll-free at (866) 998-2895 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT Monday through Friday, email us at:, or use the form below to remedy the issue.


To identify boots manufactured in 2022 and purchased after August 1, 2022, that are subject to the recall, please follow the steps below.

A. If you have the original box:

  • Check the production batch number located on the box label, which can be found on the label in the area indicated below with the red square:

    F1 Box 1 

  • If the production batch number ends in any of the eight 6-digit numbers below, then the screws MUST be replaced. If the production batch number ends in any other number, the boots are NOT subject to this recall.


B. If you do NOT have the original box:

  1. Place the Ski/Walk mechanism in “walk” mode.
  2. Push cuff back as shown in image 1 below.
  3. Locate year of manufacture stamp molded into the cuff and shown in image 2.
  4. If the molded arrow points to 2019, 2020 or 2021 then they are NOT affected by this issue, and screw replacement is NOT necessary.
  5. If the arrow points to 2022, then they may be affected by this issue and the screws should be replaced.

Inside of F1 Boots


Questions & Answers Regarding the Voluntary Recall of the SCARPA Winter 2022 F1 LT/GT/XT Ski Boots

Q: Is the F1 XT included in the recall?

A: Yes, though none were shipped by SNA in 2022. This product was offered globally starting this season (FW 22/23) but not in N.A. The issue and fix is exactly the same for the XT as it is for the GT/LT. 

Q: What is wrong with the existing screws?

A: In the affected batches the screws threads do not extend far enough down the shaft and may not ensure a strong enough connection to the cuff.

Q: Why did the original screws use a 3mm hex bit and the new ones use a 2.5mm hex bit?

A: We did that to differentiate the replacement screws from original screws. The head is slightly narrower on the replacement screws as well 

Q: I bought my boots in another country. Can I still get them fixed here?

A: YES! An existing SCARPA ski boot retailer can replace the screws for you or we can send you replacement screws to replace yourself.

Q: I see two molded stamps in my cuff…one goes from 1-12 and the other from 19-24? What’s up with that?

A: One is the month of manufacture, and one is the year of manufacture. You only need to check the 19-24 stamp per the inspection instructions.

Q: Why do the screws have blue stuff on the threads?

A: We have pre-applied thread locker to make sure the screws stay secure after installation.

Q : How do I get recall service from SCARPA?

A : Read through the Recall Details, Recall Summary, and Boot Identification Guide above and and complete the Contact SCARPA's Recall Team form.

Q : How long will it take to receive recall replacement screws?

A : Our product service team is doing their best to ship screws within 2-3 business days (at most!) from the time they receive submissions via our web form.

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