Royal Robbins Celebrates Earth Day; Announces Sustainability Initiatives For 2021

Since its inception in 1968, outdoor lifestyle apparel brand Royal Robbins has committed to honoring and protecting the environment. Today, Royal Robbins remains dedicated to making durable, eco-conscious clothes so customers can adventure more with less. The company announces significant sustainability initiatives for 2021.

This season, Royal Robbins largest sustainability initiative is unveiling its best-selling adventure shirts, now made from 100% recycled materials. This was a massive effort to convert 10 shirts across men’s and women’s Expedition lines to this recycled fabric. By using recycled poly for the Expedition ripstop vs virgin poly for solid colors, energy use is reduced by 51.19% and CO2 emissions are reduced by 58.60%. Each shirt upcycles about nine plastic bottles, keeping them out of landfills and oceans.

The next focus area is curating a collection of Royal Robbins lowest impact styles to make it easier for customers to make sustainable choices, including new socks. These 66 styles make up 46% of the Spring 2021 line, and are made primarily from natural fibers, like preferred cotton, recycled content, or responsibly-sourced forest materials. By choosing preferred cotton, Royal Robbins is reducing water use while also improving soil quality. This comes at a perfect time leading up to Earth Day on April 22. 

Royal Robbins founders, Liz and Royal, were very early advocates for protecting our planet. In staying true to its sustainability roots, the company knows its raw materials directly impact its carbon footprint. This is why Royal Robbins is converting roughly 75% of its cotton to preferred and 50% of its poly to recycled this year. In 2021 and beyond, Royal Robbins is laser-focused on increasing its use of these low-impact materials that help conserve natural resources and reduce waste, chemicals, and CO2  emissions. 

To further advance sustainability, Royal Robbins will come together with other members of The Conservation Alliance to direct 5% of online sales to The Conservation Alliance from April 21-27 in honor of the organization’s    #WeKeepItWild campaign. The goal for this campaign is to create a rallying point for like-minded brands to join together and drive meaningful impact during the week of Earth Day. The coalition sale is an opportunity for consumers to shop from the participating brands to make an elevated commitment to supporting The Conservation Alliance’s efforts to protect North America’s wild places. 

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