Rising To The Challenge: Ski Wax Companies Produce Disinfectant

To help in the fight against Covid-19, different ski wax producers have started to produce disinfectant.

One example is German company Zipps Skiwachse. Instead of sending his employees to short-time work, founder Frank Zipp decided to work on the many requests for disinfectant which reached him from friends and acquaintances. Today, he is delivering disinfectant to pharmacies and companies and even the government of his German home state has reached out to him.

“We already had the alcohol and many of the other components needed for disinfectant, we just had to buy some ethanol”, Zipp explains. In his mixture, he strictly adheres to the high WHO standards and also the high-quality pump bottles are reusable many times. 

And also Finnish company Vauhti Speed Oy, one of the oldest ski wax companies started cooperating with the leading disinfection expert, Vivotech Oy in a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Vivotech has launched Finland's first display-based disinfection machine, the Vivotech S22, and Vauhti is delivering its "Speed Clean & Go“ hand rinse to equip those machines. 

"It is great to start a cooperation with Vivotech. The expansion of our operations into handmade manufacturing has proven to be a strategically sustainable solution. With the cooperation, our Vauhti brand will once again reach new consumers", said Esa Puukilainen, CEO of Vauhti Speed.

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