RECCO Making Cyclists Searchable When Biking Season Starts In Are

Skistar Åre has equipped all cross-country bike rental helmets with RECCO rescue reflectors this summer season. The helmets are part of a rental segment that is focused on trail riding, where bikers can travel great distances across the Swedish terrain. The ski resort has previously equipped their rental ski boots with reflectors during winter, however, this is the first time this type of collaboration has been instituted for summer adventures.

The number of outdoor visitors in Sweden has significantly grown over the past few years, an indication of a growing interest in mountains and nature that will continue to rise no matter the season. Niklas Jacobsson, Project Leader Ski & Bike Patrol at Skistar, confirms this trend and explains that it has taken place in parallel with the evolvement from a downhill- to a trail product that Skistar offers today.

“It is here we see the biggest increase in the number of visitors. We have also made it easier for cyclists of all levels to try biking at a level that fits them,” says Niklas Jacobsson.

Jacobsson has some tips that are useful for all outdoor adventures on a bike. Apart from carrying the right equipment, extra clothing, and a source of energy, he recommends bikers be equipped with a rescue reflector to make themselves searchable to professional rescue teams.

“As a cross-country cyclist, you can get pretty far out in the terrain if the terrain allows. A reflector makes you searchable in case you have an accident or get lost on the mountain or in the forest. All our cross-country rental helmets are equipped with a reflector to make our guests searchable.” - Niklas Jacobsson, Project Leader Ski & Bike Patrol at Skistar.

An innovative helicopter carried search system called RECCO SAR can be used to scan large areas fast and quickly locate outdoor recreationists in distress. Flying at a height of 100 meters, the detector can search an area of 1 km2 in 6 minutes.

The RECCO SAR helicopter detector is attached under the helicopter with a sling. The active detector sends out a signal that is bounced back by the passive reflector, which directs the rescuer toward the location of the missing or injured person.

The search system is operational in three strategic locations throughout Sweden: Kallax Flyg in Kiruna and Storm Heliworks in Östersund covers large areas in Central and Northern Sweden, the latest installment of a detector at HeliAir Sweden in Västerås, adds coverage to the RECCO SAR network that can respond to calls for search and rescue in the south region of Sweden.

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