RECCO Collaborates With Austrian Air Police And Mountain Rescue Service

About two-thirds of the Austrian territory is alpine terrain. Over 500 times a year the professionals of the Air Police and the Austrian Rescue Service (ÖBRD) have to go out on search and rescue missions into alpine areas, which are tactically one of the most difficult tasks. The condition of the missing person is usually unknown, but an injury or other aggravating situation is usually assumed.

"When we as a Mountain Rescue team have to go out to search for someone, the RECCO system can save lives, as the search is shortened," explains Martin Gurdet, Managing Director of the Austrian Rescue Service Bundesverband.

Austria is the first country in the world to fully cover its entire territory with the operational RECCO SAR detectors. The search is being carried out jointly by police and rescue services and the detectors are placed in four main strategic Air Police bases for nationwide deployment.

"We have positioned four RECCO-SAR detectors across Austria and with this system we are able to operate all search operations in our territory", says Werner Senn, head of the 11/7 Aviation Police Department.

Detector locations: Hohenems, Innsbruck, Linz and Graz.

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