PSIA-AASI Announces Mount Gay Rum As Official Spirit Partner

Are you ready to celebrate your first turns of the season with an après toast to fresh snow? If you look forward to sharing your stoke with friends at the end of the day, consider ordering something from PSIA-AASI’s new official spirit partner, Mount Gay Rum.

Established in 1703, Mount Gay Rum is the world’s oldest continuously distilled rum, giving them a unique respect for time. Time is a key ingredient for their heritage rums, which has been perfected over the past 300 years in Barbados.

Mount Gay Rum is excited to partner with PSIA-AASI to further our relationship with the ski and snowboard community,” says Dorothée Hériard Dubreuil, Mount Gay Rum’s director of brand marketing. “We hope to create lifelong adventures and memories with members as we bond on and off the slopes.”

The partnership works because both PSIA-AASI and Mount Gay Rum share the goal of inspiring skiers and riders to spend time together outdoors connecting over shared passions and creating lasting memories. “Even though you might think of rum with days spent on the beach or on a boat, 40 percent of sailors are also skiers and riders,” says Hériard Dubreuil.  

The partnership between PSIA-AASI and Mount Gay started when they teamed up to create a segment for the new Warren Miller film Face of Winter to get people excited about skiing and snowboarding. The partnership grew from the slopes of Portillo, Chile, as both PSIA-AASI and Mount Gay realized their shared passion for bringing people together.

“We are excited to partner with Mount Gay Rum to inspire people to enjoy the outdoor mountain lifestyle,” says Nicholas Herrin, PSIA-AASI CEO. “Mount Gay Rum shares many of the same values of ski and snowboard instructors – we’re all about having fun, spending time with friends and family, and creating lasting memories.”

PSIA-AASI believes that having fun is crucial to growing participation in skiing and snowboarding, and their partnership with Mount Gay Rum speaks to the shared commitment to bring people together. Hériard Dubreuil says, “Time with friends is time well spent – and what better way to après ski than to share stories and connect with others over Mount Gay rum fireside after a day on the slopes.”

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