Protest Clothing Movie SHIFTING By Camille Armand Is Out Now

It's Protest Sportswear mission to help everyone ride more and have fun while doing it. They challenge  teamriders to get there, to push their boundaries in sports, adventure, and content creation. This film showcases the fusion of creativity, athleticism and personal evolvement.

Discover ''SHIFTING'' - Snowboarder and teamrider Camille Armand is known for his powerful yet graceful riding style. Finishing second place during the Freeride World Tour 2022 he had the chance to ride with the best freeriders of the world around the most beautiful places. SHIFTING shows how the 30-year-old leaves the freeride circuit behind then bursts back onto the scene as a wildcard in Norway's Lyngen Alps. There, Camille’s exceptional talent for conquering powder-covered slopes takes center stage, making " SHIFTING" a spectacle worthy of the big screen.

"SHIFTING" will be shown at several film festivals in France and the rest of Europe. To start with the High Five Festival in Annecy and the Xplore Film Festival. Catch "SHIFTING" at EOFT (European Outdoor Film Tour) seen all over Europe, in your country, from October to February.

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