Prinoth Highlights X Schild In Park Construction

The X Shield was recently presented alongside the universal transport cabin. It was specifically designed to save time when setting up and maintaining snow parks. At the same time, the X Shield has new features that support the smooth construction of the individual obstacles and elements and simplify the transport of rails, jibs and shaping tools.

  • Time-saving. The immense width of the X-blade, increased by the optimized cutting edge, and the rounded corners mean that obstacles can be cut and shaped very easily. And the optimal blade radius means that the necessary masses of snow can be rolled rather than just pushed, in order to process more snow in less time.
  • Transporting tools. To ensure that all tools for park construction are within easy reach, they can be transported with the X blade. This is ensured by robust recesses on the blade wings, which can be used to lift and move jibs, rails or even snow guns. Adjustable bolts and attachment points offer ample options for attaching tensioning straps or other fastening elements to the blade.
  • Shaping kit. If you want to do even more work with the snow groomer, you can also decide to purchase a shaping kit. The shaping kit allows you to shape obstacles even more precisely with the machine, which in turn saves time and manual work. The attachable and detachable side cutters with angle supports allow you to cut obstacles in several blade positions without the snow groomer's chains scraping along the snow walls. The back-blading blade, which is attached to the rear lower edge of the blade, forms an even surface even when reversing. This means that jumps and landings can be smoothed out evenly with the blade. This makes the X blade your companion for park construction.

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