Pistenbully - Nordic World Championships In Good Hands

A whole fleet of PistenBully is preparing the trails and slopes these days in order to guarantee the competitors at the Nordic World Championships in Oberstdorf professional conditions. The aspect of efficiency and thus sustainability is guaranteed professional. The latest technologies from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG are used.
In good hands
All relevant vehicles in the World Cup fleet are equipped with the SNOWsat solutions for snow depth measurement and fleet management. Miguel Mosquera from the SNOWsat Technical Customer Service accompanies them continuously on the screen and provides support if necessary. The first training took place in December, shortly after the vehicles were delivered. The second followed in January to train the entire driver team and to answer questions that had arisen since December. This means that everyone can now do their work optimally and access the necessary data to compare the current situation with the planning.
All questions answered 
The systems work smoothly and are used intensively. Klaus Klotz, who is responsible for SNOWsat at Sportstätten Oberstdorf, particularly appreciates the simple and clear user guidance of the office software: “The user interface is very intuitive and the information about the preparation vehicles makes my planning much easier. This gives us the opportunity to optimally plan the vehicles and the technically generated snow on the individual route sections and use them efficiently. "
Fine tuning for maximum efficiency
The SNOWsat snow management ensures that a continuous comparison between actual and target is guaranteed - important with too little as well as with too much snow! The construction of World Cup professional tracks presents very special challenges: "On the finish line, an absolutely smooth surface is very important - every unevenness is visible on television," explains Klaus Klotz. This is one of the reasons why Miquel Mosquera has completely revised the topography and provided the modeling with a constant height of the finish line over the entire length of the finish line using a mathematical model calculation. On the screen in the cockpit, the driver can clearly see how much snow has to be cleared and marked in color. Then the whole area appears blue and the finish line area is absolutely flat.
Maximum planning security
Depending on the competition, certain sections of the route need to be prepared. For example, on part of the skiathlon route the relay takes place days later, at the end of the marathon, etc. For this reason, surface models are now available for the entire area so that the various routes can be precisely prepared. This enables an effective and efficient adaptation of the route sections to the respective requirements of the competition.
Unbeatable in a team: PistenBully 600 E + and SNOWsat
The use of two PistenBully 600 E +, which thanks to the unique diesel-electric drive are much more economical in consumption - and the extremely efficient planning of route preparation with SNOWsat without unnecessary journeys, etc. definitely promises an interesting and, above all, sustainable world championship

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