Peter Park - Efficient Parking Space Management For Mountain Areas

Tourism regions are switching to digital parking. So far, tourism companies have faced parking space management, high maintenance costs, traffic jams at the parking barrier with high visitor frequency in the high season, illegal parking, parking violations and a vulnerable system that requires a lot of time. With the barrierless system from Peter Park, these problems are eliminated. The digital management of parking areas and parking violations reduces effort and costs for the operator. Low procurement and maintenance costs increase efficiency, economy and profitability thanks to process automation.

Example: North Sea resort of Varel-Dangast

Varel-Dangast has the barrier-free parking system from the leading system and service provider Peter Park installed in three parking lots and offers its visitors an improved, seamless parking experience

The North Sea resort of Varel-Dangast is having the digital parking system installed by the Munich company Peter Park System GmbH in the parking lots at the world heritage site Dangast with 200 parking spaces, Auf der Gast with 150 parking spaces and Am Alten Deich with 50 parking spaces.

“Peter Park designed an overall solution for us and provides the entire digital parking system from the software to the machines and scanners. We chose the market leader in the field of digital parking management because of the extensive advice, the tailor-made solution and the quick and uncomplicated installation. We are here in the local recreation area and therefore want our guests to have the most convenient and customer-friendly parking experience that the market offers," explains Johann Taddigs from Varel's own tourism and baths company.

An additional reason for the operator to switch to the digital parking system was the sustainability concept of the system solution: By doing without barriers, components that are susceptible to wear are reduced, paper is saved and waste is avoided. In addition, the barrier-free system for avoiding backlogs leads to peak times and thus supports the reduction of CO2 emissions in the region.

The trend towards the digitization of parking areas in tourist businesses is rapidly gaining momentum due to the advantages in the areas of cost-effectiveness, process efficiency and high user-friendliness. An important reason for Varel's own tourism and baths operation to opt for the barrier-free system from the Munich company was its expertise in precisely this area. The company has already installed its digital parking system in more than 130 areas, including numerous lidos, bathing lakes and mountain railway parking lots, as well as in the multi-storey car park of the Haerder Center in Lübeck's old town. Due to its wealth of experience in the tourism sector, the company is well positioned for highly frequented areas with individual and flexible usage options.

“As a busy holiday destination, we feel an obligation to our guests to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible - which includes a convenient and seamless parking experience. Especially at peak times, we want to use the digital parking system to ensure an effective and smooth flow of traffic without traffic jams and long queues at the machines," says Johann Taddigs from Varel's own tourism and pools department.

"Our system demonstrably contributes to making tourism businesses more efficient and economical, as well as making the entire stay of the guests more pleasant. We are pleased about the pioneering role in digitization that the North Sea resort of Varel-Dangast has taken on and to support it in enabling its guests to have an efficient and sustainable parking experience," explains Maximilian Schlereth, CEO of Peter Park System GmbH.

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The Munich-based company Peter Park System GmbH is a leading service and system provider for barrier-free parking. The Peter Park Cloud and IoT infrastructure allows individual solutions for parking areas, multi-storey car parks and underground car parks. Intelligent license plate sensors, state-of-the-art touch pay machines and versatile integrations with mobility service providers ensure maximum flexibility. Peter Park looks after public and private customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and now has over 100 employees from eleven countries.

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