Nikwax’s Latest Innovation Keeps Shred Strands Flowing Without Icy Build-Up....ish

Nikwax, the international leader in technical cleaners and waterproofing products for outdoor gear and apparel, has launched its latest product—Shred Strand Proof™ (say that 3 times fast). Shred Strand Proof helps maintain a polished shred strand look throughout a full day on the mountain, whether you’re snowboarding, skiing, snowbiking, or just looking fresh at après. 

Nikwax, heard you ladies (and anyone with long, flowing hair), your…um…shred strands are getting wet, icy, and brittle, which really puts a damper on your look. Nikwax’s latest innovation prevents frost build-up on not just your shred strands, but also facial hair, including eyebrows, mustaches, beards, nose hairs and eyelashes. Bonus—it’s even safe to use on dog fur to prevent snowballs!

This color-safe treatment, supplemented with keratin, biotin, and argon oil not only protects hair from freezing, but adds a lustrous shine while strengthening bonds. Shred Strand Proof is clinically proven to prevent freezing, snow build-up, and hair breakage, and is recommended by 5 out of 5 mountain town hair stylists.

After washing your locks, simply apply Shred Strand Proof by either washing in or spraying on to maintain a fresh shred strand look throughout a full day on the mountain. (See  TikTok video for tips and tricks). Feel free to blowout your locks or let them air dry as Shred Strand Proof does not need to be heat activated. As with all Nikwax products,

Shred Strand Proof is PFAS-free and aerosol free, packaged in recycled and recyclable bottles. It’s safe to use in the home and for your family.

Team SIN being not at all hirsuite have not been able to check this product and its availablility is limited to April 1st so it may be difficult to find in your local outdoor retailer...


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