New Weißseefernerbahn For Kaunertal Glacier

With plans for a PV system to produce its own electricity and the new Weißseefernerbahn as a replacement for two drag lifts on the Nörderjoch, the Kaunertal Glacier continues to focus on sustainable development and making its offer more attractive. The increased length of stay of the guests should be secured in the long term.

The Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen have been working consistently on the implementation of their sustainability strategy for years. In 2021, the entire Kaunertal nature park and glacier region was awarded the international tourism sustainability seal "Best Tourism Villages" by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Energy efficiency and resource-saving further development have top priority at the Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen.

Around a third of the energy requirement from a new PV system

In this context, the Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen are taking the next concrete steps: In order to get closer to energy autonomy, a free-field photovoltaic system for self-production of energy is to be built on the Kaunertal Glacier. This should cover around a third of the entire energy requirement in the future. The plans for the project are about to be submitted.

Increased length of stay of the guests should be secured in the long term

By making the offer more attractive, the length of stay of the guests should also be secured in the medium and long term. In addition, the Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen have submitted plans for the Weißseefernerbahn, which has been under consideration since 1980. The new lift is to replace two tow lifts on the Nörderjoch and runs from the valley station of the Falginjochbahn over a length of approx. 2,000 meters and 680 meters in altitude along the Weißseeferner to the Weißseeköpfl mountain station. From there, ski guests can ski down to the Nörderschartl and further into the area of ​​the existing slopes on the Nörderjoch or from the valley station of the new, approx. 1,600 meter long drag lift "Hoher Zahn", which is to be connected directly to the mountain station of the new Weißseefernerbahn, back to the starting point reach.

The Weißseefernerbahn is planned as a Funiforbahn and with only one support, one valley station and one mountain station outside the glaciated area. All facilities and the new drag lift are within the approved ski use area. The Funifor cable car technology is considered to be particularly energy-efficient: the power is supplied directly via the cables of the cable car. The braking energy generated when driving downhill is fed back into the energy cycle. The estimated investment costs are around EUR 25 million and will be borne 100 percent by the Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen.

Attractiveness of the barrier-free offer

"As early as 1980, the Weißseefernerbahn was part of the development plan for the Kaunertal Glacier, which our predecessors in the management implemented step by step over the long term and always in the interests of sustainable development of our ski area," explains Franz Wackernell, Managing Director of Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen. "Now we are taking the next development step, with which we can further optimize our barrier-free offer, which is particularly appreciated by people with disabilities. Because with the new cable car instead of the two drag lifts, we can also significantly improve comfort. Ultimately, this is the basis for sustainable further development of the Kaunertal Glacier ski area and the entire Kaunertal holiday region.”

Submission done

The plans for the Weißseefernerbahn have been submitted to the responsible authorities in the office of the Tyrolean state government. The PV system on the Kaunertal Glacier will be submitted shortly.

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