New Snow-Making System For The Valley Run In The Mischuns Ski Area In The Munstertal

The government is creating the usage planning basis for the construction of a snowmaking system on the downhill slope in the Minschuns ski area in the Münstertal.

The government approves the partial revision of the local planning decided by the municipality of Val Müstair on May 25, 2022. In doing so, she creates the usage planning basis for the construction of the snowmaking system on the valley run in the Minschuns ski area.

The Minschuns ski area is one of the main attractions of the Val Müstair's range of winter sports. With the planned snowmaking, the downhill slope, which often cannot be used due to insufficient snow conditions, should be qualitatively improved and snow guaranteed. The existing 3.5 km long downhill run leads from the Alp da Munt mountain station to the Prà Chalchera area in the village of Tschierv. The new area to be snowed for the valley run is around 6.9 hectares.

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