New Levi Six Chairlift - € 15 Million Investment -

Levi Ski Resort continues its intensive investment program. This summer's total investments will amount to €15 million. The major projects include the Levi Six chairlift on the Northeast Slopes, new modern LED lighting for the G.2 slope, the transition of the Gondola Restaurant to geothermal heating, and a new slope restaurant being built at Levi West Point.

The spring time snow collection from the ski resort slopes is complete, and the covering of the snow piles is nearly finished. The 2024-2025 winter season will open on October 4th with a record amount of stored snow. In the spring, construction began on the new Levi Six chairlift on the Northeast Slopes. This anticipated six-person chairlift is scheduled for completion by the start of the 2024-2025 winter season.

- In recent years, the ski resort has made significant investments in developing skiing infrastructure. With the new Levi Six chairlift, visitors will ascend to the top of Levi fell from various sides of the fell using high-quality, state-of-the-art chairlifts. In addition to the lifts, our investments in slope and snowmaking development are pioneering worldwide. As a result of long-term development efforts, we can guarantee our customers a seven-month snow guarantee, says CEO Jouni Palosaari.


This summer, the lighting on the G.2 slope will be renewed. In November, the slope will host the opening races of the alpine skiing slalom season for both women and men. The lighting required for TV broadcasts is 300 lux, and the new energy-efficient RTV LED lights will provide a total of 800 lux, ensuring excellent and even lighting on the slope. With the new lights, the slope can also be used to create effects such as northern lights and moving advertisements.


The popular Levi West Point's service offerings will be enhanced this summer with the construction of a new high-quality slope restaurant at the base station. The new slope restaurant will open for the 2024–2025 winter season. This slope restaurant will be part of the first-class Fjällen Ski-in/Ski-out accommodation complex.

The renovations that began last summer at the Gondola Restaurant on the West Slopes will continue this summer, with the building and its chairlift storage transitioning to geothermal heating. A large geothermal field with 36 wells, each 235 meters deep, has been established in the area. Drilling began in May, and the project is expected to be completed by midsummer. This improvement will enhance the energy efficiency of Levi Ski Resort, which is a significant aspect of Levi's sustainability program.


In the future, the skiing comfort of customers will be enhanced by the most modern Wintersteiger Jupiter service machine on the market. This automatic machine performs base grinding, edge sharpening, and waxing for skis and snowboards. The Jupiter machine can read ski codes and recognize ski categories, combining the latest technology and improved features to offer customers a whole new world of ski maintenance.

Levi Ski Resort is also upgrading its equipment. Next winter, a new ski bus will be in use, and fell operations will be boosted with two new slope grooming machines.


Levi Ski Resort has launched a long-term summer project aimed at developing Levi's mountain biking to an international top level, matching the quality and brand of the winter skiing operations. The future vision is the Levi Bike Resort.

In the first phase of the project, in collaboration with the international trail builder Allegra, a Skill Park is being constructed in the area around the conveyor lift at the base station of the Gondola. This new area is specifically designed for beginners and families. One of the mountain's main routes, the Sunny South flow trail, is also under development. Both facilities will be available to customers this summer. Additionally, the miniature-golf courses in the Levi Activity Park area will be renewed during the summer.

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