Mountain Khakis Sponsors National Wildlife Day At Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

 Mountain Khakis®, the leading premium outdoor apparel outfitter for Men and Women, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of National Wildlife Day at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary on September 4, 2019. Through this sponsorship, Mountain Khakis will be covering the admission fee for each individual that attends the Sanctuary on this day, including school groups and educational programs.


The greater Yellowstone ecosystem is home to the largest concentration of wildlife in the lower 48 states, including grizzly, moose, elk, and bison including Speedy, the Sanctuary’s most notable animal and Mountain Khakis adoptee.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to the residents of Montana, as well as visitors to the Sanctuary, in hopes of educating individuals about the importance of these animals, the work the Sanctuary does, and the eco-system in which they both support,” stated Sara Nauman, Marketing Supervisor at Mountain Khakis.

"This is a tough time for endangered species, with unprecedented levels of habitat loss and global climate change. Our celebration of National Wildlife Day doesn't just focus on those endangered species, but on individual animals that can't live in the wild because of injuries or habituation. Mountain Khakis is helping us to raise awareness of what it takes to care for our three-legged raccoon, one-winged falcon, bison that was rejected by her mother, one-eyed hawk, and the others we care for at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. With Mountain Khakis covering everyone's admission fees, it's a perfect day to meet the animals, chat with our staff about them, and visit the education and activity stations we'll have positioned around the facility" said Gary Robson, Executive Director of Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

National Wildlife T-Shirt Image - all gender

To further support the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, Mountain Khakis has also released a limited-edition National Wildlife Day T-shirt for menwomen and kids. This t-shirt, exclusively sold online and at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, is in addition to the t-shirt collection for the Sanctuary that was released earlier this year. A portion of the proceeds from each National Wildlife Day T-shirt will directly benefit the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

To learn more about Mountain Khakis’ partnership with the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary and all the animals at the Sanctuary, please visit the Mountain Khakis landing page. To watch amazing footage from the Sanctuary visit YouTube. To make a donation directly to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, please visit their website here.

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