Mountain Bike Congress Austria: Mountain Biking 2.0 - "A Vision for The Future'

Mountain Bike Congress Austria will take place from 3-5 October 2023. They say:

In a world increasingly emphasizing innovation, sustainability and connecting business with health and lifestyle, mountain biking is at a pivotal point in its evolution. From a niche sport, it is evolving into a global phenomenon that connects communities, promotes tourism, and empowers health and fitness. But what strategies and best practices will herald the next evolutionary stage of mountain biking?

We will discuss this topic at the Mountainbike Congress 2023 in Saalbach together with the experts Anna Kleissner, Darco Cazin, Harald Maier, Michael Spechtenhauser, Momo Maximilian Feichtinger and an excellent audience.

Sustainable trails: A model for the future

Trail building and maintenance is the backbone of mountain biking. Today, new standards and technologies enable a responsible approach to nature and at the same time create a better driving experience. From planning to maintenance, trail builders, communities and local authorities must work together to master this delicate balancing act.

Tourism and Local Economy: New Opportunities

Mountain biking can be an important economic driver for regions. Innovative strategies that involve both drivers and local businesses can increase tourist appeal. A clear vision and cooperation between different actors is crucial.

Health and well-being: More than just sport

The physical and psychological benefits of mountain biking are an underestimated commodity. Through targeted programs, sport can be used as a tool for health, inclusion and personal development. How can these effects be measured and maximized to increase social return on investment (SROI)?

Innovation and Technology: The way forward

The integration of AI and other disruptive technologies opens new doors in the mountain bike industry. From training personalization to trail maintenance, the possibilities are limitless. But how can the industry best seize these opportunities?

A common goal: cooperative strategies

The critical next step in the evolution of mountain biking is the creation of a collaborative platform. By connecting different stakeholders, a holistic approach can be developed that covers all aspects of sport: sustainability, economy, health, innovation and more.


Mountain biking is on the threshold of a new era. The challenges are complex, but the opportunities are tremendous. By working closely with stakeholders from different fields, adopting standards and best practices, using innovative technologies and recognizing the social and health benefits, mountain biking can be more than just a sport. It can become a model for the future, combining business and leisure, people and nature, innovation and tradition.

Getting there will require vision, collaboration and determination. The time to act is now. Mountain biking 2.0 awaits us.

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