Les 2 Alpes Readies For 2024 Season

Les 2 Alpes  will be open from Saturday 2 December 2023 to Sunday 28 April 2024. Additionally, the resort will open during the October half term, from 21 October to 5 November, 


Since the arrival of the ski lift operator SATA Group in 2020, large-scale development projects have been launched in Les 2 Alpes to guarantee the future of the territory over the next 50 years.

The aim of SATA is to offer the best skiing experience possible, but the new developments also take into account all the other activities as well: cycling, mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, ski touring, etc. The plan made by SATA is based on modernity, flows, accessibility, comfort and respect for the environment. It is a plan designed with aims for the long term, both in terms of local life and the changing needs of the visitors.

1. Autumn in Les 2 Alpes

Come to Les 2 Alpes to enjoy the beautiful autumn colours in the mountains.

From Saturday 21 October to Sunday 5 November 2023, for the first time, the bike park will be open. Downhill mountain biking enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their last runs of the season. The Diable and Venosc areas will be open and, depending on the snow conditions, the Vallée Blanche area too.

Visitors can also enjoy trail running, road cycling and hiking in the magnificent Oisans valley.

On 1 and 2 December 2023, Les 2 Alpes will welcome the Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross teams and host the first FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup of the season.

The snowpark will be equipped with a new ski lift: Le Dôme Sud (replacing Le Soreiller).

2. Development of the Vallée Blanche area

Les 2 Alpes has two main areas: one on the east side, going up to 3,600m, and the other on the west side, located between 2,100m and 1,650m, called the Vallée Blanche. The latter is far from being optimised. The redevelopment of this area will allow better and faster access for all types of skiers, from beginners to experts, as well as for pedestrians, mountain bikers, e-bikers and more, across all four seasons. Two new lifts were completed in 2023 (the Super Venosc Gondola and the Vallée Blanche Télémix). This winter, a new green run called Vallée Blanche will open, with snow canons all along the slope to guarantee good conditions all season. These new developments will allow for a better distribution of visitors throughout Les 2 Alpes ski area.

3. Three new free beginner areas at the bottom of the slopes

The Front de Neige at the bottom of the slopes is being completely redesigned. It started in 2022 and will be completed in 2024. A new ski lift and a magic carpet were built in 2022 in the Viking area. By 2024, the Coolidge area will also have a new magic carpet. And the area at the entrance of the resort, Champamé, has a new generation draglift. The lifts in these three areas are free.

4. New lifts to improve the flux for visitors across the area

The lifts taking users from the bottom of the slopes to high altitude are being updated: the Télémix du Diable was completed in 2023, the Télémix de Belle Étoile will be ready for 2024 and the Jandri 3S cable car will open for the winter of 2024–25. The aim is to improve the departure of skiers, bikers and pedestrians from the bottom of the resort to the high-altitude area, and also to facilitate their return to the resort, depending on the crowds and the snow (entrance, centre and end of the station).

These new lifts are based on Les 2 Alpes’ vision for the next 50 years for the development of the resort. They will allow skiers to enjoy good snow at altitude but also give easy access to all visitors who want to breathe pure mountain air and enjoy exceptional panoramic views.

The new Jandri 3S cable car will be equipped with the best technology and will be more than just a means of transport: it will provide a real experience for visitors.

It will replace the Jandri Express, which dates from 1985. It’s a very important lift for the resort, as it takes visitors from the resort at 1,600m directly up to 3,200m.

SATA Group has studied the best possible ascent line, considering the environmental, technical and aesthetic aspects. The realisation of such a lift requires consideration of the entire ecosystem, fauna, flora, wetlands and water resources, as well as the aesthetics and location of the different stations and the comfort of users. The new cable car will have 7 pylons instead of 15 and will therefore blend into the environment better. Trees and grass are being planted all around the cable car. It will use less energy in relation to the number of people transported. Local companies and local materials have been used as much as possible.

Fabrice Boutet, CEO of SATA, says “SATA Group’s mission is to make the mountains accessible to everyone, over four seasons, for all practices. The Jandri 3S is an extraordinary project which will take 15 months of work to complete and involves cooperative work of know-how between SATA Group, the Municipality of Les 2 Alpes, the Tourist Office and business partners.”

The new Jandri 3S

  • 6.4 kilometres long
  • 1,480 metres of vertical climb
  • The first station is at 1,650m, the second station is at 2,600m, and the third station is at 3,200m
  • There are 55 cabins – each cabin can fit 24 people seated and 8 standing
  • It has a maximum speed of 8m/s, or 28.8km/hour
  • It can carry up to 3,000 people per hour


  • The cosy family-run hotel Côte Brune, located at the bottom of the slopes, has been awarded a fourth star. Prices for two people with breakfast start from €169 a night. https://www.hotel-cotebrune.fr/
  • The hotel club Belambra has been completely renovated and will re-open on 23 December.
  • La Pizzeria is a new Italian restaurant offering delicious traditional pizzas with produce coming directly from Italy. It offers very good value for money (€12 for a margarita pizza). They do take away as well.
  • O2BRUNCH is a new delivery service offering breakfast and brunch. Order and get a delicious brunch made of local and fresh product delivered to your room, apartment or chalet. 


  • The ski area has put in place a series of changes with the environment in mind: closure of some ski lifts based on the number of people; adapting the speed of the lifts depending on the number of customers; and limiting snow production. In addition, the drivers of the snow groomers have undertaken training to learn how to reduce the energy consumption of the machines and, in time, the Sata 2 Alpes ski lift company will run all its vehicles on bioethanol (groomers, snowmobiles and trucks).
  • The Les 2 Alpes town hall is committed to reducing the area’s environmental impact: public buildings are getting better insulation and less lighting is being used; free transport within the resort has been put in place in the form of electric buses; and the resort now has several electric terminals for recharging hybrid or electric cars (in front of the city hall, by the tourist office, and in Venosc village, with more being created soon near private accommodation). Plus, Les 2 Alpes has 33 compost bins across the resort, as well as recycling bins.
  • Les 2 Alpes is aiming to become carbon neutral. The resort is committed to following the 16 eco-engagements put in place by Domaines Skiables de France (DSF). https://www.domaines-skiables.fr/smedia/filer_private/e8/0e/e80eea76-8440-4f81-a040-95497313f243/eco-engagements-english.pdf
  • Les 2 Alpes invites each customer (250,000 on average per winter) to reduce their carbon impact by practising good eco-gestures. An eco-guide is available at the Tourist Office. 
  • Every year, at the end of the winter and at the beginning of the summer, the tourist office, the lift company, the ski schools and local businesses join forces to collect waste.
  • Les 2 Alpes is aiming to obtain the Flocon Vert label, created by the Mountain Riders Association. Today, only eight ski resorts have been awarded the label.


The top 10 reasons to choose Les 2 Alpes for skiing:

1 – The Les 2 Alpes ski area reaches 3,600m. Quality skiing is guaranteed!

2 – The ski area of ​​Les 2 Alpes has a long vertical descent: you can ski from 3,600m to 1,300m!

3 – 70% of the ski area is above 2,100m.

4 – You can ski down to the resort or take a lift down (Télémix Belle Etoile, Jandri Express, Télémix Diable).

5 – There is a newly designed snow front to learn skiing.

6 – The Vallée Blanche area is now accessible to all, with its new green run and its Télémix lifts.

7 – There is an excellent snowpark, located in the Toura sector at 2,600m, for everyone to use – from beginners to experts, both adults and children!

8 – An exceptional freeride playground is available, covering 800 hectares, with runs between 3,600m and 1,400m. Everyone can find an itinerary for their level. The Bureau des Guides and ski schools offer private and group outings.

9 – The higher you get in Les 2 Alpes, the more accessible the slopes are. Beginner skiers who start at low altitude can ski at more than 3,000m and go down by cable car.

10 – The small ski lifts at the bottom of the slopes are accessible free of charge. Beginner or not, the week can start easily! 

The ski area in numbers

  • 200km of slopes. 70% of the ski area is above 2,000m 
  • 3,600m: the top of the ski area is at 3,600m, making it the highest ski area in France 
  • 2,300m of vertical descent, without taking a lift
  • 10km of blue slopes between 3,200m (the bottom of the glacier) and 1,600m (the resort)
  • 40 lifts: 13 draglifts, 15 chairlifts, 5 cable cars, 1 funicular, 5 magic carpets and 1 incline lift
  • 82 runs: 9 black runs, 15 red runs, 44 blue runs and 14 green runs
  • 15,000 visitors per day on average 
  • 20 snow-grooming machines, which work all year round 
  • 70 hectares of artificial snow (representing 19% of the ski area) and 270 snow-makers
  • 5 free lifts at the bottom of the slopes 
  • On the ski area: 1 freestyle area (2 Alpes snowpark in the La Toura area at 2,600m), 1 video zone, 1 DVA park, 3 slalom stadiums, 1 speed-skiing zone / 1 paragliding area, 1 skywalk (the Belvédère des Écrins), 1 ice cave, selfie areas and 8 mountain restaurants. 

Ski pass rates for 2023–24

From 2/12 to 22/12 and from 13/04 to 28/04

  • 1-day pass: adult €51 / child €41
  • 6-day pass: adult €252 / child €201.50

From 23/12 to 12/04

  • 1-day pass: adult €60 / child €48 / senior (65+) €56
  • 6-day pass: adult €296 / child €237 / senior (65+) €277

ACTIVITIES: winter adventures

As well as excellent skiing, Les 2 Alpes offers other ways to experience the snow.

  • From March, the Bureau des Guides will offer ice walks on the glacier, with crampons and an ice axe. It costs €80 for an adult and €70 for children between 10 and 13 (the lift pass is not included). Book with the Bureau des Guides: https://www.guides2alpes.com 
  • Go on a guided snowshoeing hike to look for chamois and learn more about this wild and legendary mountain animal. The tour takes two and a half hours and can be done from the age of 7. 
  • Across all seasons, Trail Hunter MTB and CheBob offer guided tours on electrically assisted mountain bikes. The routes are adapted to all levels and night tours are also available. 
  • Take a tandem paragliding flight and fly above the resort. Take off, skis on, at 2,400m in the Diable sector and admire the Écrins National Park, the Vénéon Valley, the Roc de la Muzelle, the Pic de Venosc and the Croix de Pied-Moutet!
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, La Troika, a mountain restaurant located at 2,000m on the Vallée Blanche side, organise a traditional dinner. Guests can access La Troika by e-bike or ski-touring. On Wednesday, the same experience is offered to hikers.

MADE IN LES 2 ALPES : eat, drink and buy local!

With 70 restaurants, 30 bars and many shops, visitors are spoilt for choice. Here is a selection of some of the best local places.

  • Les Petits Caprices d’Émilie Paris is an excellent chocolate and cake shop. Don’t miss Émilie’s three specialties: her Oisans pie (a blueberry pie), her three-chocolate cake and her Les Lauzes (small squares of praline chocolate coated with blueberry or raspberry meringue).
  • Trattoria Pasta Mia is an Italian restaurant and deli where you can enjoy a wide range of fresh pasta prepared right in front of you.
  • Buy local goat and sheep cheeses at La Coopérative de Venosc.
  • Génépi is an alpine digestif made of local plants. Try it at the Génépi des Sommets.
  • For an excellent coffee, head to the Yonder Café. Arthur, the young owner, roasts coffee from Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia and Ethiopia.
  • The gourmet mountain restaurant Le Diable au Cœur brews its own beer, La Bière des Glaciers. Each year the recipe is a little bit different.
  • If you want to buy a local souvenir, Florian Martin embroiders caps in his store NWMC (Never Without My Cap)! 
  • Local artist Laët does wood engraving and brings life and light back to old pieces of wood. He She is based in the village of Mont-de-Lans.
  • Sophie Dode is a local contemporary painter.
  • Robert Mensah, or Bobby, has been a wood carver in Venosc for 20 years. From utilitarian objects to unique pieces, his contemporary style creations have both European and African influences. He favours hard and local woods for their colour and grain. He exhibits in Europe and sends his work around the world.
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The winter is packed with all type of events.

23 October to 24 November: Avalanche Blaster Training

The National Association for the Study of Snow and Avalanches (A.N.E.N.A) is running for the 5th time avalanche blaster training sessions in Les 2 Alpes. Around one hundred avalanche blasters will be trained in Les 2 Alpes! 

1-2 December: FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup

Les 2 Alpes is launching the World Cup season. The world’s best athletes will compete on the Snowboard cross, located between 3,400m and 3,200m.

4 to 15 December: 18th Avalanche Dog Handler Training

For the 18th consecutive year, the National Association for the Study of Snow and Avalanches (A.N.E.N.A) invites mountain professionals to join them on the summits of Les 2 Alpes. Twenty pairs (handler + dog) will come to Les 2 Alpes to prepare for the government-recognised National Avalanche Dog Handling certificate. 

9 to 16 December: Rise Festival – 9th edition

Run by British organisers (Ibiza Rocks, Wasteland Ski and Rough Hill), this festival combines a week of snowsports and mountain activities with 100% «British» concerts throughout the resort (Les 2 Alpes main square, Palais des sports, slopeside bars, resort bars …). 

19 and 26 December, 6, 13, 20 and 27 February: Magic Avenue

Les 2 Alpes celebrates the Christmas holidays and the winter holidays with some fireworks, ski shows, and a magical street show called Magic Avenue.

19 to 20 January: Les Lumières de la Muzelle – Trail running event

Trail running event in the snow, at night! Participants experience an unusual, extraordinary evening, racing above the resort of Les 2 Alpes at night, and taking in stunning views! Instead of running down snow-covered slopes, climb them by the light of the moon…10, 21 or 42km!– take your pick! 

13 April: Black Garden Party – MTB event

The Black Garden party launches the start of the mountain biking seasons! Downhill mountain biking enthusiast can ride the legendary red run from Les 2 Alpes to the the village of Venosc, as well as the new black run, the Black Garden, also between Les 2 Alpes and Venosc. The event is organised in partnership with the Commencal team, the bike patrol of Les 2 Alpes and the champion (and ambassador for Les 2 Alpes) Adrien Loron.

20 April: La Patrolette

It’s a fun event where pisteurs show how their work and invite the visitors to take part in different types of contests.

20 April: Beef Roast Rail Jam

Friendly freestyle contest between British and French riders


  • 3,600m The highest point of the Les 2 Alpes ski area (France’s highest)
  • 1,650m The altitude of the resort
  • 1.3 million Ski passes sold in 2022-23
  • 1,719,500 The number of nights sold
  • 31,998 Tourist beds








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