LeitPilot For Autonomous Station Operation Of Gondola Lifts Innovation From Leitner Takes Automation To The Next Level

Modern cable car technologies are primarily aimed at safety, sustainable operation and saving resources. The latest example of this is LeitPilot from LEITNER. The smart technology enables autonomous station operation of gondola lifts and is designed for both new systems and for retrofitting existing lifts. The company is thus consistently continuing its development course and is once again ensuring a real product revolution that can be easily combined with other LEITNER innovations.

The station operation of conventional cable car systems still requires a certain amount of employee resources to monitor smooth operation. LeitPilot from LEITNER now ensures for the first time that operations in the gondola lift stations can be carried out autonomously and safely with real-time monitoring. The latest technology can be seamlessly integrated into every LEITNER station - whether drive, deflection, mountain, valley or intermediate station - and thus minimizes the need for personnel.

In addition to the focus on operational efficiency, all relevant safety aspects were also integrated into appropriate solutions when developing LeitPilot. Advanced LIDAR sensors guarantee monitoring of the vehicle pit and cameras the entry and exit area as well as the station surroundings. In addition, boundary doors and emergency stop switches are also among the newly developed safety devices. Thanks to these extensive protective measures, passengers always stay within the designated safe station areas.

You can also enjoy even smoother entry and exit thanks to LeitPilot's optimized cabin guidance. These guides ensure that the cabins are optimally stabilized in station circulation and thus ensure a high level of comfort.

Real added value for new projects and existing systems

LeitPilot can be integrated into new and existing systems and can also be optimally adapted to different station configurations, such as HCL (high capacity loading) stations. The versatility of LEITNER gondola lifts is reflected in the combination with other options such as Stop&Go, EcoDrive, smart access controls or even optimized ticketing systems. LeitPilot creates access to a new generation that is more focused than ever on technological progress in terms of automated processes.

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