Leitner Making Chairlift Bike Transport Even Easier

Today more than ever, ropeways have to impress with maximum functionality for all types of use. With two new systems for bike transport, LEITNER is now setting standards in terms of flexibility, safety and comfort for all those who want to enjoy the mountains on two wheels. The transport solutions designed for chairlifts vary depending on the version of the chairlift - with or without a weather protection hood - and can be integrated quickly and easily.

Additional offers, such as the bike box, enable bikers to test the transport solution before boarding and to receive all the information they need for a smooth ride. The simple use and assembly makes the new systems attractive "add-ons" that transform chairlifts into a perfectly sophisticated means of transport for bikes in just a few simple steps. For chairlifts without a weather protection hood, the bike holder is attached to the frame of the chair, which means that the loaded vehicle is perfectly balanced and does not swing to the side. Since there are no direct points of contact between the chair and the bike, it is well protected from bumps or dirt while riding.

In the case of chairlifts with weather protection hoods, LEITNER uses its own transport vehicle to transport the bikes. This can be hung in without much effort and can transport up to four bikes. In order to ensure stress-free and safe unloading at the mountain station, the transport vehicle is stopped at the station in "Stop & Go mode".

“Getting to know each other” with the bike box

With the "Bike-Box", LEITNER has developed a test station that allows bikers to "get to know" how the new transport technology works. The box can be set up near the boarding area of ​​the cable car and thus offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the handling before boarding. In addition to information on the boarding procedure, bikers will also find information on the requirements for the bike to enable safe transport. For easier understanding, the boarding process is also printed with pictures on the box. Alternatively, a screen can be integrated into the box, which provides the appropriate video explaining the process.

First reference projects started with great success

The operators at Geisskopf in the Bavarian Forest and in Plan de Gralba, in Val Gardena in Italy, have already had their first experiences with the new bike transport systems from LEITNER. In Italy, an existing 8-seater chairlift (CD8C Gran Paradiso) was retrofitted with weather protection hoods with seven transport vehicles. Opinion Igor Marzola (Managing Director Piz de Sella SpA) CD8C Gran Paradiso "Due to the growing demand to also use our chairlift for bike transport in summer, we decided to retrofit the LEITNER bike transport vehicle in 2021.

Thanks to this investment, we can now transport four times as many bikes and significantly reduce the waiting time for the bikers and the effort for our lift staff. The transport vehicle enables guests to load their bikes independently and without any problems, and to unload them quickly and easily when they get off. This system has helped us, among other things, to become a bike destination and to offer our guests the best possible service.” Equipment for bikers, on the other hand, was planned from the outset for the 6-seater chairlift on the Geisskopf (CD6 Geisskopf). The system on the popular leisure mountain allows the transport of up to six pedestrians or optionally up to three bikers and two pedestrians per chair. The conditions on the Geisskopf are now optimal,

Statement owner CD6 Geisskopfbahn Franz Dominik Frhr. v. Poschinger-Bray "Since 95% of our summer guests are bikers, we wanted to invest here specifically and LEITNER offered us a perfect overall concept. A qualitatively high-quality, stable and durable bike mount was one of the main criteria when deciding on the construction project. The LEITNER control system, which was individually adapted to our needs, was also convincing, as it enables convenient loading and unloading for our passengers and ensures problem-free switching between winter and summer operation. The LEITNER team was also able to quickly adapt a "Bigline" for transporting particularly large bicycles with a long wheelbase.

The feedback from the guests is extremely positive and we are very satisfied with the implementation of this project, with LEITNER as an extremely competent partner.”

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